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Aftermath of pregnancy


Do you also have after effects of your pregnancy - and I do not mean our babies :-)

I still have 7 kg just do not want to go away and I have sweats.
Just thought this is just me, but a friend from the toddler group has recently also meant she still had that. No idea if the hormone balance is just not quite right.
Also, I have to go to the bathroom twice a night - I never have to sleep at night.


  • reply - 1: I have since become the weather-sensitive and have schonmal times with dizziness or headache to do. And a few kilos are of course also on it :-(
  • reply - 2: I'm annoyed even six kilos!
    Then I had to wait five months for my period for it I already have two weeks!
    The bad hair loss is thank God!

    Will be back again :-)

  • reply - 3: So I do not have the kilos anymore
    Need to go away. But annoys me the constant
    Hair loss, I'm still surprised that hair on
    Have the head. Every day I can rent the apartment
    When I eat something sweet in the morning, like Nutella
    I do not want to, unfortunately. I will
    After that always so bad.
    But otherwise I'm fine .... Ah-what I forget
    Have, my brown line on the stomach is not gone yet.
    But that does not bother me anymore.

    best regards

  • reply - 4: With me are "only" 2 kg but absolutely not want to leave. For 4 weeks, I have been tormenting myself through all the equipment in the gym, have changed the diet, but nothing to do
    Hope that they disappear. And the stomach bothers me ... human! He's still so tall and wobbly
  • reply - 5: Loss of hair is fortunately not so bad for me anymore, I think I'll be bald.
  • reply - 6: Well, I still bother the extra kilos (8kg) and the stomach.
  • reply - 7: Hello everybody,

    I also want to participate in the lively discussion.

    Luckily, I do not have any extra kilos anymore and since yesterday, the jeans from before pregnancy fit me again.

    The hair is also falling out in bulk, but since a hairdresser visit last week not so much.

    Otherwise, I have no "complaints".

  • reply - 8: For me, there are 10 kilos down. Well and the stomach is just there too. Do not know if he ever leaves
  • reply - 9: I think I've got "flat feet", since the pregnancy there are no shoes in which I do not get blasan when running longer.
    Go to the orthopedist - that sucks.
  • reply - 10: Hello everybody,

    So with me it is also annoying 10 kg, the hair loss has thankfully stopped but I thought I would go bald. And the pregnancy belly is just "empty" also there. I'm curious if that goes away with the regression is the beginning now. Well I hope that regulates everything with the time .... but good that it is almost all so. I was always jealous (I'm honest to) on my girlfriends by breastfeeding then at some point were slimmer than before pregnancy

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