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Help My daughter 5 months does not want to sleep in the evening



I slowly do not know how to continue, my daughter struggles five months (only) in the evening to go to bed completely. We have already tried pretty much everything without success .... During the day everything goes so well awake in the morning at 8 o'clock, feed at 9 o'clock, and at 10 o'clock again sleep sometimes only 1-2 hours and sometimes over 4 hours so that we have to wake them then.

My problem is the evening time, our rhythm and ritual is that I / we take the small to wrap and sleep high in the room if our big bed time has (19 clock) then we say the big sister "good night" and take the small again with down, at 19.30 clock I go with mini high in the KiZi with night light in the semi-darkness while it peters the peters a but at the latest when the head touches the mattress "Holland in need", now she has started wild to beat once She begins to fall asleep or screams when we hold her arms slightly and keeps her awake.

if it was a phase ne would be ok but I am slowly behind against .... Because "everything" works fine and it is really fast rest that are sometimes 2 - 4 days and suddenly the "terror" starts from scratch. Did it during the day already tried everything from "do nothing" to "absolutely full program" always with no result because sometimes that is one too many or the other too little. Unfortunately, advice about screaming is futile because if my little one cries then so that one has to go because the a) hardly brings air and b) it is so swallowed that one thinks the smothered.

As I said there are days everything works great, and then Bumm everything at the beginning .....

I'm ready to let the pediatrician give me a "sedative for babies" to get used to my little one such a firm rhythm ......

Oh yes, the sleep is not an issue, when the little girl finally fell asleep then it is also quiet until the morning

Does anyone have such a "night terror baby" and can understand how bad that can be ....?


  • reply - 1: I recently read a tip from another user here in the forum.If the child does not want to fall asleep and defends himself convulsively against it, one should get it again from the situation "falling asleep", occupy it quietly for 40 minutes and then try again.

    I have not tried it myself, but maybe it helps

  • reply - 2: Thanks for the answer, we have already worked through with us unfortunately only conditionally, like everything else works that time and then again, I'm really at the end with my Latin and my husband is not a big help because my little one can be supplied throughout the day by daddy when I'm not there (or just do not feel like it) but let go of dad to bed is not at all ..... My husband would like to support me more but that may be mini only conditionally, bottle (no matter who wants to do it) is only if I "not there" as soon as the sees or just hears me is also gone ..... So my "big" (almost 6) was really easy to clean in almost all things and has also let dad do it
  • reply - 3: I have to admit that I find the idea to give a baby sedative to create a sleep rhythm strange ... (polite version)
  • reply - 4: I would not try so much in your place but drive a rail and stick to it. Otherwise, unfortunately, no one does not know why she is.
    with tranquilizer you probably mean Viburcol suppositories? They are quite good at rest or even when teething, are planned or homeopathic.
    Unfortunately, it is that several months everything runs smoothly but then suddenly everything comes back. Just give her a break and maybe try the gaps where you go in and calm her down a bit.
    My two are asleep (almost) always immediately without barking, but even that can immediately change again, as soon as they become independent. Every baby is different and I'm lucky that they like to sleep. I wish you luck, that will be fine again. Maybe she already gets a little tooth .... that is just very uncomfortable and the babies want a lot of closeness ....
  • reply - 5: How long does she fight against sleep? Does it make any difference if you stay with her or go out? So for me that sounds like the sedative after a (to say the least) "lousy" idea. I do not know now, which could lead me to give my healthy child unnecessary drugs. Since your child seems to be able to fall asleep, I would not do that.
  • reply - 6: hi, we also know the topic, that Mausi - as soon as it hovers even 10 cm above the bed, again awakes from the sleep or sometimes also, if it was only brought into the horizontal. There were actually such phases. I would advise you to keep your ritual in time anyway. If Emma could not sleep, then we had several "tricks": 1.) Hair dryer has helped very often
  • reply - 7: For my little ones, it was not easy at the beginning in the first! 2/13 weeks of life.
    It helps me to massage you every evening, to plug in the night light together and to accompany you to bed (family bed). Put her head on my chest, (heartbeat calming) talk to her about the day's experiences, tell her a little story, sing some lullabies, gently stroke her over her head and watch my sweetie synchronously. After 5-25 min, depending on the course of the day, (sometimes it quiesches, when a lot has happened) you will sleep soundly. Then turn me gently with her and then have my "closing time" * g *.
    My daughter is now 22 weeks old and the only thing that has changed with us is the time from the beginning 22:15 to 20:30.

    Maybe there is an approach for you? Wish a lot of energy and nerves for the upcoming evenings.

  • reply - 8:


    Thanks for your answers, and I can understand some because of the "thought" of tranquilizers I think it's actually not good but if you are with the nerves back against the worst thoughts .....

    @ jeanette3

    always the same time to bed and it really makes no difference if I stick to it, the night light or whatever it is always different, yesterday, for example (as if they knew that I have called for help here) was all top at 19:15 o'clock rest until this morning and I bet today but then goes on the terror .....

    @ melb32

    I quickly got rid of such things myself, I've worn them for ages, until they fell asleep, I also worked well but like everything only for a certain period of time, it's like my little one did not always like the same thing but always changing ... ... I did not have all the problems with my big ones either.

    A friend has now recommended a lavender oil spray as a spray on the nest because lavender has Soothing effect, but I'm still a little skeptical about ....... and yes it would be better that too try as a medication for your peace of mind

  • reply - 9: Oh, I can think of something ... and we have received such a "starry sky projector" for our cat. I'll turn it on sometimes. So he finds the apparently totally great, is quiet in bed and watching the stars :)

    Maybe your daughter will find something good and then maybe go to sleep because she is looking forward to the stars :)

  • reply - 10: Hello sabrina,

    what I just noticed spontaneously in your post was the sentence
    "and I bet today but then the terror goes on ....."

    Of course, I can be wrong, but that sounds like you're already approaching the sleeping situation with a certain expectation. If so, just try to be a bit more optimistic. Babies get along very fast, if you are nervous or similar ...

    And head up, that will be fine

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