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Extreme bladder pain


Hi 've got a question have some days extreme bladder pain Was on Tuesday at the gynecologist who said there were a few bacteria in the urine I got something to take, but since Thursday I have continuous pain and they are getting stronger, wanted to ask know maybe someone ????
Am in the 36 + 0 today


  • reply - 1: Know that from the head down into the pool ... really painful but will be better again! Since the small down is it again. Do not worry as long as the urine finding is ok.
  • reply - 2: Can also be a cystitis. Do you have pain when urinating?
  • reply - 3: No only when walking or lying
  • reply - 4: I do it every night when I fell asleep. Dan, I would wake up from pain and can hardly come out of bed my husband frightens each time then thinks that I have blown
  • reply - 5: is your stomach too hard? Then the Senkwehen ... which has given me extreme pain in the end ... If you can not stand it better drive to the hospital and clear it off. This calms down in hindsight. LG
  • reply - 6: That could be syndrome pain. Did you research that? The symphysis is also close to the bladder and causes in some women a bad stinging and pulling towards the end of pregnancy, so they can barely walk. A friend of mine felt the same way. Unfortunately you can not do much - but it is still better than a bladder infection, which could also pull up in the kidneys.

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