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Special moments with my baby


What little things were just big in your life? A thread to look forward to your baby, family and other special moments  .


  • reply - 1: Well I'll start now. Hope there is not such a thread yet.
    Yesterday, the little girl had the diaper full after 12 days  .
    And today I was able to take a shower. Was very cute. Put the little girl in bed (with a bed guard) of the big one and they cuddled first and then he played and sang. If something was, he came to me. Am very proud of what he shows with 3 years already for a sense of responsibility and how much he loves the little one and she feels comfortable with him , And I have showered and can even write. For a long time I could not do these things with the big one  .
  • reply - 2: Our little man is now nine weeks old and laughed for the first time yesterday for the first time  
    He almost choked on himself, he was so happy. Really cute 
  • reply - 3: Mine sleeps for a week from 21 clock and comes back between 3:30 to 6:00 clock, is different. Enough sleep is great, plus nice weather and I hope my old energy comes back. It's great, too, how dear and selfishly my big brother takes care of his brother. When he cries and he realizes that I can not walk right now, he runs immediately, then pacifier or sing. Full sweet, so I can also take a bath in peace as I am usually with the children until late in the evening alone.
  • reply - 4: Are you so nice and change the thread to ... Because we already have a cheering and joy joy thread ... But this is more like a thread like "special moments with my baby" or something ... Thank you lg Mod Jannah
  • reply - 5: I love this moment when the little one falls asleep on my chest in the evening :)
    He always sleeps down on the sofa - usually from 20.00- and at 23.00 I go with him up to the bedroom, wrap him again and give him his bottle again and then he falls asleep again and then is very heavy on my Chest :) I listen to him then while breathing and just enjoy my life ♡
    No matter how stressful the day or the night before was with him, once that moment is there, everything is forgotten ♡♡♡

    Just a pity that I have to put him then sometime in his cradle: /: D

  • reply - 6: You do not have to, but can sleep with you;) I really enjoy that when my little one sleeps with me. I love this face when he sleeps and also smacking and blowing. I always have to look full first before I make my eyes 

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