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Hospital, birthplace or home birth?


Where would you like to give birth?


  • reply - 1: Maybe a little early for this thread, in Vienna you have to decide in the first trimester for a KH. We strive for a new home birth, but many heard and read experiences make me very humble again. What if something is? Fear is certainly not a good advisor, but you can intervene faster in Kh. Which at the same time keeps me from doing that because they like to do it too fast.
  • reply - 2: May I ask why you already had a home birth and are now rather afraid to take the step?

    Personally, I think I will go to a birthplace. Although I have already registered in my wish hospital (registration must be up to 6-8 ssw). Because of my last childbirth (first-time mothers) where a lot went wrong and the herds were awful, I would not want to stay in the kkh for 3 days, but if all goes well right after u1 home.

  • reply - 3: Something similar to me. The time after the birth was not a problem, but the birth was ..... unsightly.
    Therefore, I would also like to go to the birthplace, however, the nearest since the beginning of the year for births. We would therefore have to go to the other one. 30 minutes via motorway. And even if it is not in rush hour, then there would be an hour out of it.

    Good, we have enough time. My last birth took over 20 hours. So I wanted to look for a midwife here now and talk to her about my options and wishes.
    My husband says, my birth, my decision, only with a home birth, he would be against.

  • reply - 4: The last one was not planned. It was just way too fast. From the first (noticeable) pain on it took 50 minutes to delivery. Everything went well, but never the heart sounds etc. were monitored. Meanwhile, we live elsewhere, quite remote and to the nearest hospital we would need in an emergency 25-30min. That would be a bit long. I also do not know how the neighbors handle it, but I can discuss that with you :). With my first son, I had a real horror birth which is why I prefer to avoid hospitals. In addition, because of my work in the ambulance service, I know almost every birth ward within a radius of 50km and I find myself getting angry about how to deal with women who give birth.
    What was great about Zoé at home was the fact that it was infinitely peaceful and self-determined. The last three contractions were an emergency team there, but even those did not intervene (or just let me have an access and let me do) for which I'm eternally grateful. And Zoé has an infinitely quiet nature. Gabriel did not process the birth even for a long time. It certainly does matter how and where you are born.
    My concern is just what we do when it should come to an emergency, which of course I do not hope. Unfortunately, there are complications that you did not see before.
    What is really cool, though, is that I have already found a wonderful home birth midwife and that would accompany us.

    That you decide for a birth house, I also totally understand. A second, prettier and more loving birth heals many wounds. What was terrible for you at your first delivery, if I may ask that? If there were at your birth house then the hospital where you have logged in nearby?

  • reply - 5: That's so sad that so many birthing houses have to close  
    Can you imagine sitting in a car with contractions when you decide on another birth house?
  • reply - 6: Let's say it like this. For a birth traumatized neither me nor my child, I would accept it. However, I would look for a midwife on the spot. Maybe before time to visit to see if the long ride is really worthwhile. Not that I have to drive the track 5 times due to false alarm.

  • reply - 7: That sounds like a great idea :)
  • reply - 8: I wish again a home birth. I also got my daughter home 2.5 years ago.
  • reply - 9: After the birth of my son, I will definitely go to the hospital again. It had to act quickly after birth, and that would have been impossible at home or in the birth house. But respect for all who want to give birth at home, before that I would be far too scared.
  • reply - 10: How was it for you? Would you ever have the feeling that you would rather have a pain therapy in the hospital, etc., or have you always felt safe?

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