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Permeability examination, cyst, or endometriosis, pediatric center


hello, whoever searched, who finds ...

Today I really wanted to check my permeability with contrast medium without anesthesia

.... so now it was not done since I still had my cyst on the link, en ovary,
Since she would not see if it flows through .....

.... then the lady in kiwu told in a sentence what about endometriosis (could be Vlt,)
... and that would then discuss my FA with me .... Shove I was outside again,

Am now very irritated ... n e normal cyst 3x4 cm, is actually nothing bad and you can get pregnant ,,,,,

How she comes to endomeriosis? , then it may be that my fallopian tube is not really mobile, ????? And my uterus is in anterior / flexion position? What does that mean?????

Could, Vlt, then discuss her FA .....

Vlt can you tell me something?

otherwise everything is fine, on the other side you saw a beautiful follicle :), gebährmutschleim skin is well structured,

I wanted to start mine first fertilization in the next cycle.



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