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Hello dear, now I have to ask a question, maybe someone can help me.
For about a week, my little one wakes up in the middle of the night and is completely wet on the stomach. The diaper is not full but he is swimming. He does not drink any more than usual. Has not changed the sleep habits and I do not know why. I thought that the diaper may be too small, but the weight of his fits with his 11.6 kilos still in the 4 he pampers pure.
Does somebody has any idea? Or similar experiences? Sometimes it is also during the day after 3-4 hours

thanks for tips


  • reply - 1: Change to the "4+" or "5" diaper. My Mittlere with 12 kg the 4 he was never enough.
  • reply - 2: I think that with the pampers you have to change "early" to the next size. My little one weighs not even 10kg and tonight we made the first time around 4+. Since he was wet this morning and we want to change anyway. Consume now only the remaining 4s. The own brand of Rossmann, however, sit further, I think, because he still has good place in the 4 diapers.
  • reply - 3: We are now at just over 10 kg and have been using the 4+ from rossmann for a long time. The fits great and also looks good
  • reply - 4: The 4+ from the Rossmann is great.
  • reply - 5: We also had more often .... but he also drinks a lot of evening ... now have the pampers in Gr.5 during the day 4 and 4 + ... now wr does not run out ... but the diaper is always very busy 
  • reply - 6: We have the same problem! 3 days ago I had it only 2 times in a day, that annoyed me so much ... My mouse weighs 11.2 kilos and we use the size 5 ... those of Rossmann are just complete garbage they diapers! The front are totally full and dry behind: (the best diapers are also as good as always are the Lidl, I can only recommend it, so have never had problems ...
  • reply - 7: Same with us. We at pampers Premium Protection think the best. Everyone else (dm, rossmann, Lidl, Baby Dry ...) are all running out.
  • reply - 8: I would also recommend you to switch to the 4+ or even the 5, because pampers, in contrast to other brands, are smaller. My little one weighs 10 kg and we have been using the pampers Baby dry gr.5 for 2 months now
    I think that it has less to do with the weight, but rather how long the babies are, then the diaper sits in a different way.
    LG and good luck
  • reply - 9: Change to 4+ my weight is 9.5 and I use the Pampers!
  • reply - 10:

    Just a number bigger. This varies from child to child. Leif weighs 11.5 kg and is 83 cm tall and has 4+, Mats is 94 cm and weighs 12, iwas kg and has 5+.
    Occasionally something happens, but mostly real during a growth spurt. And then not anymore.
    My boys both sleep on their tummy, a friend advised me to put the Pampers in the wrong direction at night. Is working...

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