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*** Christmas is not far away ***


 Not even 2 months until Christmas

The first relatives come to us and ask for presents. Also, it is our first Christmas for three and we are not quite sure how it should run.

How do you spend Christmas with the little ones ???

What's for gifts ???


  • reply - 1: We celebrate Christmas Eve with the little one alone at our home. On the first day of Christmas I'm sure to go to my parents, if my father is fit, and on the second Christmas day to the parents-in-law, because there is the grandfather's birthday. We also had the first requests regarding gifts, but do not really know what to say to them. From us she gets a sled and a game and walker.
  • reply - 2: So we celebrate with the grandparents and my sister in law on Christmas Eve with us.
    And I'm really looking forward to the first christmas with our sparrow :-)
    And because I'm an absolute Christmas person, there are of course gifts, even if he can not really do anything with it.
    From us he gets a self-crocheted blanket and a door shopper.
    The grandparents donate z.b. ne walker winnie the pooh and ne otherwise rattles and greiflinge ... all such things he can use well until the first geb. We have created a wish list on amazon so I have an overview :-)
  • reply - 3: For us big Christmas was already in September :) I ne jacket and my husband a new bag for the work .. For the dwarf there is motor skills toy, grandma is from Tchibo nen knocking tower with ball track get (will come in a few weeks , we have a pilot branch, there it is), otherwise we have vouchers .. Or wooden toys ..
  • reply - 4: We celebrate Christmas at our house. My father-in-law will be there with his girlfriend and if I'm unlucky, my brother-in-law will come too. But I'm excited like a kid, our first christmas with Jamie :)
  • reply - 5: * push *
  • reply - 6: We have now passed the "wish list" to the relatives:
    - Lego Duplo
    - Playmobil
    - Homeopathy set for children
    - Children's Songs Cd
    - Books
    - Wooden swing

    He will be able to use some things only in the summer, but since his birthday is already in March there are no more presents in summer / autumn.

    We will stay at Christmas Eve and celebrate for two or three. I think the dwarf does not check it anyway.
    Let's see what happens to the Christmas tree. I was advised not to set it up because of the needles and not that it makes a bullet break - BUT THIS IS NO OPTION. Christmas without a tree is out of the question.

  • reply - 7: Hello ?? At least one broken ball belongs to it !!

  • reply - 8: Hey Nibe12, I'll take the narrow tree that you do not like :) With me he has to go to a corner and there is not too bushy.
  • reply - 9: With us he also comes in the corner, there are taken before putting the DVD's off the shelf, which you may want to watch, because then we will not get there

  • reply - 10:

    I have just discovered this here:

    At DM you can design the design of your shower gel yourself with a picture. I found it funny and will order it for the godparents.

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