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good Morning all
I have a question now my little one is now 3 years and she has it a little longer now on it when she does not get her will she shouts skin at home she goes into the room but because she also throws stuff in front of the door and screaming her few tips ideas so it stops again

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  • reply - 1: She certainly throws toys in her room, right? I would tell her twice that it's not okay and tell her that if she does it again, the object will come off. The object would then, if she throws for the third time, remove from her room, put in a box / carton and keep it in a place where it does not come ran.

    I would always give her one back if she deals with her anger without knocking and throwing.

    I would just ignore her shouting and talk to her in a normal volume, neutral with her in this situation. For example, ask if she wants to drink something.This shows her that screaming does not show the desired success.

    Ask her to play together, why she throws things, skin and screams. Use dolls to do what she can do instead. There are also books on the topic, which take up such situations and hold her a mirror.

    Basically you have to show her that while she has a right to be angry, she can express her feelings differently.

  • reply - 2: I close here. The theme fits well in the defiance phase.
    I'll copy your question here

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