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Does anyone have experience with saunas in pregnancy?
I have not been to the sauna so often but regularly and I just love it warm.
In the app they write that you should not do this because of overheating. Is that really such a topic? Am quite uncertain ... What do you think?


  • reply - 1: When I asked this to my doctor was his answer: So let's say that you are not sick but pregnant. In Sweden, it is also normal to go to the end of the ss in the sauna. I myself was already. Sometimes it should not exaggerate and cool down after slowly slowly cooling the body and not jump directly into cold pools. I felt great afterwards and probably also the dwarf :-)
  • reply - 2: I was in the sauna on saturday and it was good, was not in the hottest and I also slowly cooled down. was then totally relaxed and circulation was stable .... from there;) enjoy the sauna
  • reply - 3: My gynecologist also allowed me. You just stop ned, if the cycle is already crazy, but that's normal.
  • reply - 4: Hi - even my FA is relaxed and even advised me ... somewhere I came across a 70 degree limit, but I do not know how serious that was. LG
  • reply - 5: In any case, everything is already very reassuring :-) should also serve relaxation ;-)
  • reply - 6: I like to go and more often in the sauna. I keep net in the 95grad so the circulation is not a problem. One should listen to his body. As long as what is good is also dss little spit ;-)
  • reply - 7: Also go to the biosauna with 60 degrees. Just do not stay as long as before. But you realize that yourself. Do it.
  • reply - 8: I was in the sauna yesterday. Not as hot as usual and infusions I can save myself :-P because my circulation is not with ... otherwise it was suuuuper!
    Only to be recommended!
  • reply - 9: I also asked my doctor again today. I am in the tenth week today and my doctor said "let's see that Mum is fine". Fatigue and nausea have added to me quite nicely, I'll think now with the blessing from the doctor only to me and weekend spa insert! Relax a lot!
  • reply - 10: So I went in my first SS until about the 7th or 8th month in the sauna and I really enjoyed it! One is sometimes looked at diagonally, because of the stomach, but no matter :-) (was never so often, about 1x in 1-2 Mon.)

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