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Weight gradients of our spring babies


I would like to know how the weight of your baby develops since birth and how much / how often your little ones are drinking.

My mouse was born on the 2.3 in the ssw 35 + 5 with a weight of 2740g and has first assumed (2620g) and now weighs a proud 3220g  I quiet it about every 2-3 hours (about 90ml)

Ps: If double -Soorrryy 


  • reply - 1: Wow gained weight! Has she drunk good from the beginning ?? We started with 2495g at 34 + 0, then on something with 2380! Now he is back to his birth weight soon! We are now at 35 + 3 and he is still jaundiced and is drinking lazy! I hope so much that the next 4 days everything is better so he can go home!
  • reply - 2: Yes, she has been very hungry since birth, at first we even had to stop her, otherwise she would not have stopped drinking.

    But that's great that your little one has his birth weight soon, because he has 14 days for that. Are you still resting or do you have to feed?
    With the jaundice we had the first 16 days to fight but then it got better and better.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that your dwarf will be able to reach your home very quickly.    

  • reply - 3: No he will be fed! Have too little milk! But I pump so well every 3-4 hours! He still has a feeding tube and gets a bottle! If he drinks all his portions himself, he can go home!
  • reply - 4: We started at 31 + 5 with 1240 then at 1020g and now at 36 + 5 2235g through the cleft palate she sometimes drinks only 15ml herself and the rest through the probe but the next week she finally gets the plate adapted for your palate and we hope that she will pack five meals a day she is currently getting 40ml every three hours.
  • reply - 5: Wow, but since you has already increased super, you still need to be operated on because of the cleft palate or how is it going? What does this plate do for a purpose? I keep my fingers crossed that she will soon be allowed to go home with you and continue to do so well there 
  • reply - 6: The plate aims that the baby build a proper negative pressure in the mouth and thus can drink properly. Partially (depends on the individual case) can even be breastfed.
    Something has to be operated in any case, the palate must be closed. How many operations are necessary depends on the individual case.
    I still hope that with us the palate are not affected, then only a surgery (lip closure) would be done and I could nurse the little girl from the beginning as normal
  • reply - 7: Ah ok, when is i.d. rule operating?

    When do you have E.t.? I keep my fingers crossed 

  • reply - 8: Can not say flat rate. The lip seal is usually from 3 months (child should weigh 10 pounds and be at least 10 weeks old). The palate then depends on which part of the palate or jaw is affected. The plate is actually adapted directly, but that's no OP. Depending on how strongly everything is pronounced, even surgeries have to take place in primary school and teenage years. But we do not want to think about that now :-) have 11 days until the ET. Thank you :-)
  • reply - 9: Our came on 19.3 at 37 + 5, 2570 g. In the first 2 days before milk injection, it has decreased to 2320 g. Since milk intake and breastfeeding every 3 to 4 h and with the addition of pumped breast milk (between 35 and 55ml) he is today at 2450 on the fifth day of life. Until he drinks enough by himself, he continues to get the mu milk in the bottle.
  • reply - 10: So I could not have explained it better She is really great can keep her temperature great and despite her cleft palate always feel like drinking the bottle vllt we're lucky and we get the chance to breastfeed with plate. On Thursday we finally have our date to adapt the record. I am very excited and curious if it works better afterwards.
    Steffi2688 I wish you all the best and good luck.
    When was the column diagnosed with you?

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