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3rd trimester final spurt


Today end of 8 month thus 3rd and last trimester 28 + 0 (29ssw) 


  • reply - 1: me too. 28 + 1 Hope it will take a few more weeks. But the November date is unlikely. I'll stay here anyway. :-)
  • reply - 2: Today I'm 27 + 5 and think more that it is an October baby. Start today with the birth preparation course 
  • reply - 3: It's unbelievable! How time is running! I'm coming on Sunday in the 8th month (then 28 + 0). It is really crazy.
    Emtionally, I can still use a bit of time, but I'm curious if I make it to November. Yesterday Crumb was already over 1500 gr ... well, but these whole values ​​do not say that much anyway.
  • reply - 4: Yes mine was at 27 + 1 at 1500gr and 39cm do not think that it will be a November baby et would think the 2.11 but in mid-October he will come 
  • reply - 5: I arrived today in the third trimester only 12 weeks, then it's finally time 
  • reply - 6: I already wrote it on the Uhus (I do not dare to open any threads) but then I'm in the 8th month and 3rd trimester today  

    In 2 weeks then the last big screening. Then we go to baby shopping. Probably just everything at once 

  • reply - 7: Haha, I feel the same way. I once dare. It was closed, and shortly thereafter an identical one was opened, and it was not closed   

    I am 28 + 1 today the time is running   Next month, the rest is bought for the baby, then everything should be ready, slowly it is tangible, but I still can not really believe it 

  • reply - 8: 28 + 2 :) I count the days
  • reply - 9: 28 + 5 I get nervous and count the days 
  • reply - 10: Mine is going on today too. I'm curious :-)

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