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Heat heat heat wave what do you do with your babies? ???


My baby boy is 15 weeks old and so slowly but surely we are getting too much. It is sooooo mega hot do not know where to go from heat what are you doing so in the heat ??


  • reply - 1: We were the days when it was really so hot at home! In the morning brought the big to the kita, ventilated until 8:30 and then closed everything, windows completely shut and shutters. In the living area we have a fan that brings some air and light wind and otherwise were worms (on Friday also 15 weeks old) and I more in the room, have played and then breastfed and put him to sleep, instead of as usual in the living room ,
    I have extreme circulatory problems in the heat and am happy if I manage to get up as little as possible. At the moment really difficult because the little total visited a lot of closeness and despite the heat the half day sticks to me (in the truest sense of the word  ) 

  • reply - 2: Yes, a jammer despite the beautiful weather, we hardly go out. We do it the same as the previous speaker, right after getting up, then window and shutters down. Even so, it was 28 degrees in the bedroom yesterday before bedtime. The big one sleeps only in the diapers, the little one in the thin sleeping bag and diaper. But he does not really sleep in the extra bed, but on the nursing pillow on me. I could bath in sweat right now. If I can do it, I'll put it in the feather cradle after breastfeeding, then we'll both have cooldown.
  • reply - 3: When we are outside, then only under the big tree in the yard. It's nice to endure. If the little one is sleeping inside, I'll jump in with the big one in the pool and put the baby monitor next to it. The pool is really worth gold this year. Because with 2 children who can not swim, one of which would be more on the blanket in the shade, I'm not alone in the pool. So we are only at home or around on the property.
  • reply - 4: Can I come over? 
  • reply - 5: I handle it the same way, air early in the morning and then play everything and as well as inside.
    On days when it is hot but bearable, we go the short way to my parents, as the little one comes under the tree and I can cool off in the pool.
    At home, it's the same with us, that Sophia needs cuddling time for her naps during the heat and we stick together a lot.
  • reply - 6: We are also a lot in it, but once a day the little one comes in the pool and then shower directly. He thinks that's great.
  • reply - 7: Sure Hugo is already cool;)
  • reply - 8: Great, I'm on my way
  • reply - 9: I am currently every spare minute with the girls from the birth preparation and their babies at the lake. Always the one whose baby is sleeping goes into the water and the others stay in the shade and take care 
  • reply - 10: We have the still problems, it is so hot and the little one wants to drink all the time, there are often riotous, since my milk does not manage to come along, he does not sleep at night as he usually does 1 Month has made: /

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