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Happy New Year :-)


So sweetie,


I wish you and your little Schnuffis a great new year :-))


celebrate nicely .. let's see if the little ones can sleep well .. Otherwise we have all double party tonight :-))




  • reply - 1: I wish you all a happy and quiet 2013!
  • reply - 2: Yes, I wish everyone that the mice are not scared!
    And many magical moments 2013!
  • reply - 3: Happy New Year and all the best for the year 2013! I wish all of us a lot of health, happiness and millions of great moments with our children.
  • reply - 4: Come on over! Have a nice evening and your mice a good night's sleep!
    See you next year ;-)
  • reply - 5: I wish all July mommies a happy new year and a relaxed start. On that all babies have a look and sleep through tonight; )
  • reply - 6: Happy New Year to you all and your little bears and little mice.
    How did you beat yourself ?! Awful or interested or like us, a cozy "sleep-in"? ;) Now that it's all over, Monsieur is awake and hungry;)
  • reply - 7: I wish you a happy new year!
    I slept in bed with the little boy next to me and when it started, she jerked a few times. But only when it was made right here in front of the house party ..
  • reply - 8: Happy new and eventful year to you all. Mia watched the fireworks and fell asleep at 2 o'clock on the way home.
  • reply - 9: Happy, Beautiful and Wonderful for 2013!
    Feline woke up for a moment, but immediately fell asleep again on her arm :)
  • reply - 10: We wish you all a great and healthy year !! Our little one has just missed the midnight ball :-)

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