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Recently, we've seen time and again that by founding private Facebook groups, BabyClubs have suffered a lot. It was not, as originally planned, a supplement to the BabyClub, but it has disturbed the community operation in part noticeably. For that reason, I have taken out the Facebook post at this point.

Once harmonious communities crumbled into smaller factions, newcomers got into heavy contact, disputes from the FB groups spilled over into the BabyClub, one could no longer follow conversations so well because they were conducted in different places, and the variety of topics decreased significantly.

For this reason, we ask that no more advertising for private Facebook groups in the community is done, but if, then only in the designated group. This is also the case in our Community Guidelines.


  • reply - 1: but once your app revised, then there is certainly less interest in facebook and whatsapp groups. the is totally confusing, one has no idea, if who has answered to their own contribution, because you have to search on 100 pages ...
    is not evil but meant only as a suggestion!
  • reply - 2:

    I also took that as a suggestion.

    On the homepage of the community http://www.babycenter.de/community there are three tabs at the bottom of the page: All Groups / My Groups / My Posts. If you click, for example on my posts, you can see how many new answers have been added since the last time you wrote something.

    Under "My Groups" you can see what has happened in the groups in which you are a member.

    As a little tip for those who want to get a quick overview when they come to the community.

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