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24.12. birthday


Hello to all mums but especially to those, where the child was also born Christmas Eve :-)

half a year went around the other fixed determined just as fast: '(:-) :-(

how do you want to design your birthday on the day? I'm honestly thinking already now and we have decided on the following :-)

we will use the day to celebrate his birthday and the santa claus comes over night so the christmas presents are the 25.12. is certainly more exciting if you can not sleep then because of excitement and the little man at the end of the night whether something under the tree is already :-) and the 24.12 is thus completely there for his birthday :-)

what do you think? but also to the other moms how do you imagine your first christmas?


  • reply - 1: Man, but you are thinking far into the future. But I have to say I think your idea is nice. So his birthday does not disappear somewhere in Christmas ... I find such a day in which only he is celebrated super nice and important. I'm a twin myself so I do not have that kind of thing. I always liked that ...

    I did not even think about movh Christmas at Christmas. We did not even decide whether to go German with gifts on the 24th or American gifts on the 25th ... But we are planning Jocelyn's naming ceremony for the 28th of December .... I think so this year more important than Christmas ...

  • reply - 2: Hello Snow White 248,
    we do it the same way 24.12. is the birthday and Santa is coming on the 25th I think it's so much nicer because having a birthday is very important to a child and I want to make this day as beautiful as I can for my Maria.
    I think the others have a day just for the birthday and my daughter should have that too.
    But I do not know that I'm going to party with friends unless it's nice to see them on 24.12. want to leave her child for a few hours. (I already have interesting ones
    Greetings Jessi

  • reply - 3: Well that's a great idea :-)
    We celebrate the German Christmas with my parents with thick Christmas feast, Christmas tree and gifts. Of course, my two shepherds are also there with their clients. (4 of the small and 6 the big) so the typical commercial Pipapo :-) but still nice, just for the kiddie. The srbische Christmas in January then with in-laws with aunt. Is not applied so thick. That's good too. We 2 and 3 do not do anything intoxicating at home with us. There are both not so with tree and decoration etc. Christmas lights candles and Christmas pyramid for comfort and good :-)
  • reply - 4: @Brigitte something anticipated but it is how fast was the first half year around? :-)

    and I hope so many mommy with so many members where the baby also on 24.12.Birthday has :-) so here's some ideas together maybe there is something very unusual? because, for example, I can not hear the saying: the poor child, no more. in such a case, the creativity of the parents is in demand :-) and I am curious

  • reply - 5: I think your idea is really great! It would do that too. He really likes that and he never has to go to school on his birthday.

    The party on the 24th is also a great idea. I'm sure there would be some who decorate the tree 2-3 hours to the tree "would give" the children :-)

  • reply - 6: My big birthday on New Year's Eve - if you plan in time, there are always grateful parents who find a few hours child-free great. However, we always celebrate in the morning. So after lunch is over and everyone can still make at home for a nap, so they are fit for the evening. Last year, when he turned 9, we even celebrated with his friends. There was the party on 30.12. in the evening, at midnight the birthday present and then slept. Was really nice ....
  • reply - 7: I have to report as otherwise only a follower here in the Dec-Club also to speak.
    Amelie has "already" on 23.12. Birthday and even for that I have already made my thoughts. I belong to the faction that says "poor child". Probably because I'm a summer kid myself and always loved it and because I said in the SS, "Good luck is gone far enough away from Christmas by the end of February" (EET would have been 22/2). My cousin has on 27.12. Birthday and that always goes down. Often he got a "big" gift at Christmas and birthday nothing, I think that's really stupid!
    As for the gifts, I find that there is always too much at Christmas anyway, so my idea was to celebrate "half birthdays".
    Then on birthday we would just give a little something, eat with family or otherwise on a small scale cake and then the actual celebration on 23.6. and there's another gift.
    In the end, it's only important to me that she has her special day, which is all about her. If you can handle it around Christmas, that's great, and the way you write that the W man comes later, that's a good thing. Whether my solution will prevail depends on the child ...
  • reply - 8: My niee has also on 24.12.
    She chose one day in the summer and "postponed" her birthday, so to speak. Now she is 14 and has simply postponed the last 9 birthdays for half a year. But the first 5 were ALWAYS drowned because everyone looked forward to Christmas and nobody thought of them.
    And then this great thing with the presents ..... Christmas everyone gets something, because the unpacking makes no fun, if all others are allowed ....

    Valentina has gsd on the 22nd of december, I'm really happy about that, I think you can still separate it well ...

  • reply - 9: I have already bought plenty of birthday gift paper so she does not have to unwrap a Christmas wrapping paper on her birthday, I even got that and I got her birthday in November and it really annoyed me that it was not a birthday present.
    I have met in the SS and lately 2 women who also on 24.12. Birthday and they seem to always have a nice birthday also because on her birthday nor Santa Claus came, but I have now put it in the head of the 24.12. The birthday of my daughter is Christmas and only on the 25th starts because of me like to unpack at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning with gifts.
  • reply - 10: Meibmann has his birthday on 23.12 and this was always celebrated without Christmas decoration until 24.12 in the morning was decorated and decorated the tree. I think the parents have to lift the birthday out then it works. Then you do not have to move the birthday. I would if Alissa had come on 24.12 then stop celebrating 25.12 Christmas and who can claim to have their own birthday tree :)

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