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Around the nap of our babies.


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    Jules11 22.05.12
    hello mädelz,
    how is it with you with the theme lunch nap? Phil has now become accustomed to a midday nap with the introduction of noon porridge, I find totally super, but at the moment he only falls asleep on my chest (although he gets no more at noon ...). That's the way to fall asleep in the evening. but he is also in a gradual development phase and needs a lot of mum closeness. fall asleep has already worked without a chest. how are your experiences there?
    LG Julia with Phil

    alma_81 23.05.12
    Hello Julia,
    So sleeping is always a topic in itself. This has changed every few weeks. Whenever we thought it had settled down, it was different again. When developing jumps, the little ones need a lot of closeness, that will soon be back. At Phil's age, we did not fall asleep alone, mostly after drinking at the breast. In the evening it was soon better, even alone. Do not worry so much, in the age changes a lot.

    ules11 Original author 23.05.12
    that's nice for you to answer. As a mermaid, you are often confused and do not want to do anything wrong. but I think even the little ones already show you what they need right now. with us it is like this: no sooner do we think now we have a small rhythm everything is thrown overboard again :-) but that is not bad at all. but it's nice to hear that others did too :-)

    Hephaestus 23.05.12
    Honestly ... maybe some are horrified haha ​​;-D but I let my son sleep during the day when and where he wanted. I never put him separately in the nursery in his cot when a certain time was on it.

    As I said before, it changes all the way to sleeping with the little ones, so I did nothing great until the 9th month. But now, when I realized that he gets pretty tired at the same time and sleeps restlessly when he's in the living room, I actually put him in his crib every day. However, the blinds stay up so he keeps the day / night rhythm :-) I just want him to still have the difference between sleeping in the evening and being able to sleep during the day knows and maintains.

    Many greetings


    lydia87 23.05.12
    yes vendy did that too. when she gets tired, she comes to bed or just where we are. sometimes even when cuddling eingepennt
    , Now in the 7th month I tried to keep her awake and now she sleeps instead of 3-4 times for 30 minutes, only two more times for one hour. but it is only when we are so regular. think there are more important than to worry about the noon sleep;)

    Jules11 Original author 23.05.12
    just so that now did not come over wrong: I do not put him at fixed times in the bed. he had just gotten used to it and I've kept it the same way for the last 2 weeks. otherwise he can of course sleep everywhere and always if he wants to ... so that was not meant !!! Of course, there is more important than the afternoon nap theme ... but thanks anyway.

    Hephaestus 24.05.12
    Jules, nobody was angry or attacked you ;-) and Lydia certainly did not mean it seriously with the saying that there were more important things. You'll do it the way you feel. ;-)

    many Greetings



    oh I'm sorry if that came over weird, when writing it's so ne sache. I want to calm you down rather than question you! it's nice if you have found a rhythm for you! you wanted to exchange experiences.


    Jules11 Original author 24.05.12
    no no, all good :-) is sometimes difficult when writing that you are not wrong. but thanks :-) lydia87 25.05.12 ok :)

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    Get up in bed for a nap



    My little one has been pulling up since the end of the 7th month. if I lie down for lunch, is happy again in bed :)

    Now you have your time of 3 hours waking up to almost 5 pulled (from 8 o'clock to 13 o'clock) she then really tired, and again the same. she does not cry, she only gets up .. she even has been puking, even though it is not too warm.

    That's why I wanted to know when and if that settles? do not wait until three years old? :)

    best regards

    EitelE 15.07.12
    That settles. Leo did not want to sleep in bed, but always wanted to stand. Have then temporarily set up the travel bed, so it worked out then. At some point he got it but also in the normal bed, that you have to lie down. It also worked better when we are out of the room, then nobody looked anymore ;-)
    So it takes a while, but it gets better! Lg Emma

    Hephaestus 15.07.12
    Is normal ;-) at some point that settles ...... my shit makes it but still. My god ... I take it that way, unless he screams. Then I do that a few times and if he still gets up then there's stunk ;-D

    He often slept in the playpen at noon. He found it more comfortable than in bed. Then I just left him there and covered. The main thing he fell asleep after constantly rubbing his eyes.

    many Greetings


    Marleen0704 15.07.12
    Hello, my little Kürmel does that too. He started to lie down in bed about 3 weeks ago. He is always happy when one of us comes in and sees him standing on the edge of the bed. When you lie down then it is shown. Now I have since a week, separated from an old, broken travel cot the long sides and clamped this in front of the bars and Marius finds it very stupid that he can no longer pull up on the bars.

    So he usually stays or sits down in the little bed and tells something to his little donkey or his hands.

    lydia87 Original author 16.07.12

    jaja vendy stunk gabs also times-stops you net :) probably kat she understands that I always go back and see if she is lying .. I also stand and am very nice, then there's attention: P

    Well, I think let her stand, let's see who can take longer ..

    want to know just how the experiences are when they leave it again :)

    aja I can still hide as much the gittestäbe, it itches net .. because there is also a headboard to pull up :) everything to lean against is good.

    in the picture she is still on her knees and the bed is still up :)

    Pirol80 16.07.12
    I can only agree with the others: that will lie down again! it was also very bad for us; We had some real fights during lunch. Although Luise was dead tired, she has repeatedly put down. that was really annoying! But at some point she sat down and played a bit and then lay down. Since she sleeps in her own room, things are going better too. So hold out!
    lg, susanne

    Eva80 19.07.12
    Yes, of that I too can sing a song!

    At the moment it is very bad! Yesterday he tried to get up half asleep, but then he noticed that it was too exhausting and decided to sleep ;-)

    One of us always cuddles up to him, so that he can not move so much, otherwise he would probably never calm down or fall asleep while crawling in the middle of the movement ;-)

    lydia87Original author19.07.12


    So now we think we have found our way. the day before yesterday let her just stand. when the pacifier fell out and she complained, I just put him in bed and I'm out again. After about ten minutes was rest. then I'm clean and she was lying dormantly in bed. Well, today she even slept faster :)

    Probably she only realizes that she has to stay now. Cuddling was nothing, let alone lying next to me ..

    for nachz I have now a pillow, so they melted only a maximum of two times. otherwise she always worked and cried somewhere.

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    Where does your baby sleep during the day?

    Tada80 14.11.12 Hello everybody,

    We are currently at the baby room, etc. buy and I'm not sure where we should put our baby during the day sleep. We bought a little bed for the night. But I can carry this badly several times a day to the EC where we usually stay and I do not want to leave our little one up. My sister-in-law always lays her child on the sofa, which I do not like in the long run (pad, fall, etc ...). How do you do it? Bassinet, cradle or travel cot, ...? Do not want to give up a good mattress / mattress, but also do not buy everything that eventually comes around.
    Thank you and best regards

    IdasMama 14.11.12
    At the beginning, we often put the baby in the playpen for sleep. But I quickly realized that she never really came to rest and was always awake quickly. She then slept in her extra bed in the bedroom and quickly had a rhythm of 4 hours. That Sleep 4 hours, eat, change diaper, sleep 4 hours, etc. With 3 months it started to wake up more after eating. When she was 4 months old she slept in her room in the big bed during the day, that's what she does today and at night.

    best regards

    AugMa79 14.11.12
    Jakob sleeps during the day in the playpen. At first we had a bassinet (family heirloom) but since he does not fit in for four weeks. Otherwise, if you do not get a loan, get a playpen directly. Otherwise, he will sleep if we are somewhere else, or simply on a blanket on the floor.

    Memories 14.11.12
    I try to put our little day in his little bed in bed which is in the bedroom but of course leave the door open if anything is with him that I am there immediately otherwise he sleeps sometimes on the couch but only if I then sit next to it.

    FamilyF 14.11.12
    Hey AugMa79,
    we do it the same way :)
    Also had only NEN old bassinet and then worried equal NEN playpen when the was too small.
    We have in the playpen ne mattress in it, so he is well.
    He is now 8 months and it works great.
    During the day a playpen, at night his bed in his room and on the way just a blanket on the floor.

    laurenjamie 14.11.12
    In the beginning, Jamie slept on the couch next to me. But since he is so mobile he sleeps during the day either in his bed or with me on my bed. In the playpen would not think of the whole toy to sleep;) at night he sleeps in his bed

    Navipa 14.11.12
    Well, we live on 2 floors and did not want to buy too much. My midwife then said to me, take your stroller. That's what we did. ADVANTAGE: to calm down the KW can move well and you save money. DISADVANTAGE: if you go for a walk, you can get wet and dirty with it. With us it has worked really well, is basically like a bassinet. Now that she's older, she sleeps in her cot, what's in her room. She can not sleep as long in our KW so deep .. Is now everything so exciting .. :-) I hope I could help you a little.

    Troll80 14.11.12
    So, our mouse sleeps in the playpen during the day, but for a nap I put it in the small bed. But during the day it usually only naps and also the afternoon nap does not last very long. At night she sleeps in an extra bed.


    I put Lena for morning nap (about 30 min) in the playpen and nap in your little bed in the nursery. The first months I let them sleep at noon in the playpen, then I was not allowed to do anything (no housework ect) because they then restless was or constantly woken up.

    Now I put her to bed at noon as she sleeps quietly even when the phone rings or the Staubsauer runs.

    At night she also sleeps in her crib.

    If she is really nagging and we have an appointment at lunchtime, then I let her sleep in the stroller sometimes that works wonders

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    Sandra252 15.11.12
    We had a cradle for the beginning roll during the day I took the cradle with me in the living room and in the evening I took her to the bedroom !! But soon found that the little night could not sleep properly because my husband is very loud snoring from what I partially woke up! With 8 weeks I brought the little man to his room to sleep and lo and behold, he slept through! I woke up partly at night and ran into his room but he slept like a stone !! Apparently the snoring really annoyed him from my husband !! And since then he only sleeps in his room !!

    Tiffyjo 15.11.12
    My little one sleeps in the baby hammock during the day. Is a great thing, as it can be super calm by the swings and the hammock encloses them very great and gives her a sense of security.

    Even my big one likes to rock in it.

    Tada80 Original Author 15.11.12
    Thank you for the many helpful answers !!!
    This with the playpen is a good idea, just saw one, which is gradually adjustable in height, that would be something for later.
    @ Tiffyio: I'll take a look under your link

    Best regards Tada

    ma277 15.11.12
    We emily let the first months sleep in the playpen ... Bassinet was not accepted (gsd only borrowed). At first you put it on the still roll and then in between (carpets were always under it, until they could crawl). At around 6 months we put her in the kizi at noon and 2 months later she moved from the extra bed to the kizi.

    nexusos 26.02.13

    Our child sleeps mostly in his home
    Cot. Often it happens, of course, that mom some
    Hours in the arm holds on the sofa while the child sleeps. Incidentally, I recommend you
    in view of the gentle sleep of the toddler, to use comfortable bed pads,
    which you can buy cheap here at Liegelind.

    nibe12 26.02.13
    Only in bed .. During the day basically with us, at night we are back to use her little bed .. Muddi needs space ..;)

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    Napping baby 4 months old

    Carfri209 28.02.14

    I am in a really difficult phase with my little darling.
    He absolutely does not want to nap in his bed. He is now 4.5 months old. So far, we have always gone out after the silent lunch in the stroller and he often slept 2-3 hours. Now I would like him to get used to taking a nap in his bed. Unfortunately, this does not work ... he falls asleep while stilling (not always, sometimes I only put him down when he rubs his eyes) I put him down and he only cries / screams. He gets in really well and is only calm when I take him up. This is already over 1 week so. I always let him cry for a while before I go back to the room.

    Does anyone have a tip for me or is he just not ready yet?
    Thank you!

    Biscott 28.02.14
    Please do not let him cry, the little one is 4.5 months old, how can he understand that you do not come when he needs you. He may have fears of death, so I'm not surprised that he is getting more and more pure. Why should he sleep in his cot when it works well in KiWa? Be glad that he at least sleeps in the KiWa, there are babies who sleep only in the arm or on the chest. Babies are constantly changing their rhythm, maybe he just is not really tired or just the sleeping environment and the whole process (getting in, going out, crying) is the reason. It always hurts me when I hear that these little creatures are left alone to scream.

    Jeanette3 28.02.14
    Mine loves his stroller too, because he sleeps wonderfully in it, sometimes he falls asleep in the stroller bag before it is in the car :)
    But he has no problems sleeping in his bed, it takes a bit longer but it works.
    Does your husband sleep well in his bed or does he not like lunch only? ~ A child is a love that has become visible

    Carfri209 Original author 28.02.14
    In the evening in bed he sleeps well. It takes a while until he falls asleep but then he is sleeping soundly. We lay him down at around 7:30 pm and he sleeps with 1 silence until about 7:00 am. Now it was just the problem that he cried a bit in the evening when we put him down. Although he has calmed down faster, but I'm afraid that let him the "bad" experience of noon evenings sleep.

    I just do not know when it is right to get used to his bed. At some point it should already be so that he sleeps in it and not only in the stroller.

    BerlinMama82 28.02.14
    If it calms you down: in Scandinavia the children even sleep in the crib or in their stroller before and they are already a year and older. The people there find that completely normal and say that is healthy for the baby. So keep going instead of unnecessarily stressing you and the baby.

    eanette3 28.02.14
    Mhm ... do you still have a bassinet or playpen where he could sleep?

    I would leave it with his little bed first and maybe try again in 1 week. Otherwise he might rather sleep in your bed at noon? Find out what he feels most comfortable with and leave it alone. At some point, even in bed :)

    Nina1185 28.02.14
    You were the same with us. He probably does not know the bed or? Watch that he falls asleep with you and after 15 minutes put him carefully in his bed. We had a good week. Or purely put but stay with him that he sees that he does not have to be afraid. Do not go away. For that he is really too small to understand that. I started now, with one year, that he has to sleep alone in the afternoon, because I can no longer carry a 11 kg child around. But he understands only now !!!!

  • reply - 6: Neumutti2013 28.02.14
    You probably want to put him to bed at noon, so you can do something in the household and do not push around with him. I can understand that well. My little one does not sleep at noon either. Not even in the stroller .. He is constantly awake and still has no discernible rhythm. I firmly believe that someday he will work better on his own ... In the beginning we could never and never absolutely lay him down somewhere or roar. Sleep was only in our arms and be awake .. Meanwhile, it is so that he falls asleep in his arms and I usually leave him lying in the pillow and just sneaking away under it. A few nap times already worked, but not daily
    Chakka !!! It will eventually be

    Ps: if the child from the evening until the morning sleeps so great that's great

    hicca 28.02.14
    It's the same with my daughter. I think they are not ready yet. Maybe then with 6 months? Who knows. What I know is that the little one always has a reason why she is crying as she stops as soon as I do the "right" thing. The right thing for the small does not always correspond to my wishes or ideas. But I trust her and her rhythm. I firmly believe that it is important to meet your needs in the first year so that they develop a healthy stable basic trust. Educator will probably be enough afterwards ... Best regards

    Nicole0987 02.03.14
    Read the book: the happiest baby in the world ... there are really very interesting things in there. My hebi also meant, so slowly you would have to start to educate him ...(with 8 weeks) I let him scream 2 times and it nearly took my heart out! I do not do this anymore. I trust my instincts now and not people who mean so and so must be. The worms are still too small for that. That will come sometime !!! He sleeps at noon only in the playpen odef stroller. In the evening / at night in his small bed. Do not worry me anymore. Let everything come to me.
    Nina1185 03.03.14
    Well, education with 8 weeks is really early ;-) my son I have with 8-10 months "educated"! You notice yourself quickly whether the little of the already understand or not

    Carfri209 Original author 03.03.14
    I just think it's the older the little one gets, the more difficult it will be sleeping at night to change from pram to bed. I'll try it for a few more days ... if it does not work then I'll try again in a few weeks. Of course, I do not want to do that on bending and breaking. But I'm of the opinion that you can "educate" a baby with just under 5 months already something, if that is the correct term for it. At least a regular daily routine and also fixed sleep times in my eyes in the age makes sense.

    BerlinMama82 03.03.14
    It is good that you do not try bending and breaking - but personally I do not consider eating and sleeping "educational fields". When people get the opportunity to find their own rhythm in these things, later in life they have fewer problems with sleep disorders, eating disorders, and many other problems with disturbed body awareness. You put in the first three years of life, the basis for about 80 more a man is getting old today, you should always keep in mind when it feels exhausting.

    Nina1185 03.03.14
    Good with the sleep you have to look because my usually ned tired at the time where he should sleep. So approximately one can already narrow down that one says between 11-12 it is to sleep or eat there. It's already leveling off

    BerlinMama82 03.03.14
    How should he sleep when he is not tired? That can not even adults (me at least not).

  • reply - 7: Mini7 04.03.14
    My mouse slept forever in the playpen.
    At some point it came naturally, that she had no further desire on it and wanted in her bed.
    Since then, she sleeps in her bed (think that came with 6-7 months).
    I was also crazy about when and how I used to get the little noon in her bed.
    But when one "listens" very sensitively to what the little ones whisper to one, one does it instinctively and many things are regulated by themselves

    With 4.5 months, the little ones just need the certainty that Mama does not run away and takes care of her.

    FredaReak 04.03.14
    In my view, it is not yet necessary for babies to sleep in their bed at that age. The time in which the life after the clock is running is still fast enough. Treat both of you to the walk where he can sleep so well. It helps my daughter if I take the time and we lie down together. Cuddled up, she can fall asleep and when I put her in her bed, she sleeps on.
    The bed should not be burdened with the negative experience of crying, because then it can happen that he does not work anymore.
    Then the household will be left! The main thing you two are fine! ;)

    Tineminki 05.03.14
    Does he sleep even when the stroller is standing? Then you do not need to run and you can do your things in peace, or put him with a pillow in a tub in your room or in the baby bath from the stroller. As soon as he falls asleep you put her in the cot, so he gets used to the view and then it works with the bed at some point. Greetings Tina

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    My baby does not want to sleep at noon

    stephaniegrosse 25.03.14
    What should I do, every day I have a fight with my 7 months old son, he just does not want to sleep all day and keeps kinking. Not even a ritual helps.
    And one more thing, is it normal that he wants the bottle at night?

    lausi1 25.03.14
    What can one answer only because the 80 percent here have certainly times had problems with the noon sleep! Bring in a lot of peace and force nothing! Do you go to bed and sleep, or how is it going?

    Karo92 25.03.14
    Sigh. I'm sorry.

    1. Totally normal that he wants another bottle at night. :) Wanted me until his first birthday and now and then (rarely) now ...

    2. Yes, these are unfortunately so ups and downs ... Do you lie down with you in your bed and cuddle?! ... caress, give flascherl, sing, ... Vllt helps.
    Will certainly be better. But every child has such phases.

    BerlinMama82 25.03.14
    Yeah, bottle at night is normal and at lunchtime you could let him sleep in the buggy or in the tragi if he falls asleep.

    Lisa Lausaus 25.03.14
    My daughter slept for a very long time only half an hour mizttags. and before that there was always a murder theater ... only now with 12 months she sleeps at noon 1.5 to 2 hours.

    and we also have the nocturnal flascherl ;-)

    tina2011 26.03.14
    In addition to the ritual, you could introduce a cuddly blanket or a sleeping cuddly toy.
    May your son possibly only sleep in the dark? Are you preparing him for sleep, reading a story with ect.?

    Find out what he wants / needs and keep your ritual at, even if you feel that it brings nothing, sooner or later you draw a benefit from it.

    The bottle at night will surely accompany you even longer :) *

    stephi1 28.03.14 many thanks to you all :-)

  • reply - 9: Hello jules So when we started with the complementary foods, she then always made lunch, now for 3 days she sleeps before noon about 1-2 hours and then again at 16:00 ... let's see if that is changes again ;-)

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