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Hello everybody :-). My little one is now 4 months old and has been a few weeks sometimes screaming falls that unfortunately I can not classify (he screams as if on spit, can be nothing calmed down, abdominal pain he thinks too nich ... Do you know that? what to do about it, otherwise he is blinding, laughs, eats enough ... I noticed that he only chairs every third day but when he presses he has no problems But maybe there is still something together? ..


  • reply - 1: Maybe he has nightmares or is not it after sleeping?
  • reply - 2: It is sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the evening: (at night he is always quiet ..
  • reply - 3:

    Did mine too, or has it every now and then.

    The little ones have a lot of impressions to process. And if they are tense then that has to go somewhere. And there is not much more to them than screaming.

    If I could rule out that it was hungry, thirsty, the diaper or whatever, I just cuddled a lot with her. Or if possible, we went for a walk, she tied in the cloth to me.

    It never lasted more than fifteen minutes, then everything was fine again.

    If you still have concerns, fears, worries, then talk to your midwife or the pediatrician.

    Still best wishes. <3

  • reply - 4: God thank today nen appointment at the KiA :-) thanks!
  • reply - 5: Had exactly the same thing. We went to Caritas's screaming help when Sami was 4 months old. We found out that the baby needed more routine. I always start to breastfeed him at the same time and bring him to bed. For that I kept a record, so I knew when he wanted to sleep and drink. With us it was, he woke up at 7 o'clock to breastfeed / sleep, 11 wake up / lunch, 13 o'clock breastfeeding / sleep, 15 o'clock waking up / snack, 17 o'clock dinner, 19 o'clock breastfeeding / sleeping.

    That's how our day has been for over half a year, a few weeks ago it has changed again, because now he only sleeps once during the day.

    Babies seem to need repetition and regularity. So they showed what is coming and can better understand the world.

    My husband sometimes took the little one when I was upset because he was screaming like that. If you have someone who can help you for a few minutes then let me help you.

    But try to keep calm. Babies somehow feel the excitement. I keep my fingers crossed for you and if you still need help in your area may find such a cry help. Ask your midwife.

  • reply - 6: That calms me down so that I'm not the only mom with such a "problem" :-)! We have been doing this routine for 2 months since he started his day-night-rhythm relatively early. Yesterday at the KiA and the said probably this would only be a phase, if it would last longer, maybe he taps on the digestion because he has a very sensitive stomach ... Since just helps wait and drink his excited tea ;-)

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