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Dear Mods - Thank you


Hello my dears,

I have great respect for our presenters and think it's time to say thank you.
It seems to me quite a considerable effort to keep everything in order here and in some cases still to convey. And if you then mediate while remaining neutral.

In the hope that I have overlooked this thread.

Thank you for your untiring readiness to provide us with this platform in this form!


Best regards



  • reply - 1: Oh, I think that's nice - I like to join in. So thank you 
  • reply - 2: Oh, Zoena    
    That's awesome of you  
    Grstorch too  

    Should I move the thread in the MOD thread? xD

    No, I'm very happy and the other girls for sure too! I'm happy to pass it on if you have not seen it yourself yet.

    Kisses and a nice weekend!

  • reply - 3: Thank you, yes gladly move, where it fits!
    You are doing really well.

    Greet you a nice weekend

  • reply - 4: Many thanks for the words!  

    But I would like to say a big thank you to all members of BC January. I'm glad that predominantly a respectful approach here. A heartfelt thank you! 

  • reply - 5: I join in. Very much thanks for all your efforts and your commitment

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