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In a few weeks we expect a sibling for our daughter. After much back and forth are now two favorites to choose from:

Nora and Greta

Which name do you like better?


  • reply - 1: these are two very nice names! I think greta a tick better.
  • reply - 2: I like them a lot But I think Nora has something more   

    And I can not decide between Jolina and Lana-Jolie Our son's name is Elias, which would fit better, what do you think? 

  • reply - 3: Please do not hate me now.

    Nora I like!

    At Greta, I always have to think about Crete.

    I do not like Jolina & Jolie. And Lana - read Lana backwards.

  • reply - 4: Greta = the pearl! Beautiful name!!!
  • reply - 5: Greta With Jolie and Lana, I feel like najada. Both are so cliched names.
  • reply - 6: Nora and Greta are up for me too. Maybe this is really a case where you can hear his gut feeling in the hospital.
    Or else the meaning can decide, if this is the tip of the scales for you.

    Jolina and Jolie, for me is also so typical girl pink glitter ... I do not like that either. Maybe only Lina as an alternative?

  • reply - 7: Definitely Greta! I think Nora really terrible, probably because I know only terrible Noras and great Gretas ....
  • reply - 8: I think greta better ... nora is so hard for me ...

    jolina I find better ... but not the burner .. I do not like - names ... only lana or just jolie ok.
    whether it is only a disgusting thing backwards .. that would not bother me

  • reply - 9: Greta is very beautiful. At Nora I have to think of Thomas Anders / Modern Talking.
    Norina would be an alternative.
    The names Jolina and Jolie would not be my favorites either. I know an Amy Jolie but she's only called Amy. Instead of Lana, I would rather choose Lara or Laura.

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