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Bleeding in early pregnancy


I've just signed up here now and have a question to you as well.  

I am now 4 + 1 and have bleeding and some abdominal pain since this morning. The ultrasound was yesterday at the FA and today nothing to see had but last and this week 2 SST in both test was a weak second stroke to see

I was already in the hospital earlier and they took blood from me. Nothing conspicuous everything as before.


  • reply - 1: Sometimes bleeding in early pregnancy is nothing unusual and harmless. Sometimes they are not harmless. I can not say what it is with you, unfortunately, you will have to wait :(
  • reply - 2: Yes that's right. I had at the beginning of the ss bleeding but only brownish my gynecologist said as long as there is no fresh blood, everything is fine. Hope you are fine :)
    LG Sylvia 16ssw
  • reply - 3: With me too - I was also in the KH and it was said: It wins out well but no one can give you a guarantee and you can hold it in case of doubt aich not! Keep your fingers crossed
  • reply - 4:       

    My baby had not developed any more since the implantation and has gone off yesterday in the 5th SSW .... Therefore, the bleeding and abdominal pain and the blood results came out that the hcg value is no longer in the range of detectable ...

    Now I have to go to the gynecologist again tomorrow and check if everything goes away from the uterus ...

    Thanks anyway for your answers  


  • reply - 5: I'm so sorry.
    I'm pushing you unknown
  • reply - 6: For blood, whether brown or dark brown. You should always have it checked.
  • reply - 7: Oh no ... I'm sorry!

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