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Which name can you no longer hear?


Boy name: Leon

Maiden name: hm, difficult Clara - although I think it's beautiful but unfortunately there's Clara here like sand on the sea


  • reply - 1: Oha!

    I can not hear Marie, Sophie and Hannah anymore.
    These are really nice names and I like them basically. But today, every second girl (if only in the second name) is called that.

  • reply - 2: There are very few Clara here with us, my daughter is one of them and I love that name.
    I find fashion names such as Mia, Leonie, Leni, Luca, Leon, Finn much worse, so there are a lot of children here.
    After all, Clara has a beautiful meaning and is a very old name. But maybe it depends on the region you come from, I only know one more Clara.
  • reply - 3: Oh, and Clara is not even among the top 20 names.
  • reply - 4: i can not hear leon finn and co anymore either. here are all mia, josephine, emily, luca, oskar etc. we are currently at anton, let, janosch, nikolas or merlin :) have 4 more weeks ...
  • reply - 5: @Tiffyjo I did not want to step on the tie with this thread. I already say that I think "Clara" is pretty, too, but here it is really very common!

    So please, no one should feel like being attacked because of a name mentioned here. This is just a personal feeling and probably depends very much on the region in which one lives!

  • reply - 6: I did not feel attacked, I just wanted to write my point of view. It is also good if you have different preferences, otherwise soon all children were called Mia or Clara.
    By the names that I mentioned, maybe someone could feel attacked and I certainly did not want that either.

    @petitchouchou: Anton and Lasse I think also great :-)
  • reply - 7:

    My big one is called Leon and fortunately is everywhere the only * g *

    I can not hear all the English names anymore. Jason, Zoey, Damien. Is there 5 in each group / class?

  • reply - 8: I can not hear Finn anymore. The stupid thing is, my nephew's name is also Fynn;) I heard the name for the first time since I was still at school and my drama teacher got a granddaughter and his name was Finn. At that time the name was still completely unknown to me and I thought: Wow cool ... so short and crisp and sweet .... then I have not heard of it for a long time and when my sister announced over a year ago, her mum should also be Fynn hot, I was only excited but then as a mega-Fynn / Finn-wave was blown away, I could not hear it !!! And weirdly, there are still a lot of Finns / Fynns born. I mean, as an expectant mother, you track so much the charts and the birth announcements and see which names are currently so in and if I already see that in front of my child in the same month to the 5-6 Finns / Fynns were born, then If I do not call my child that way, at least I would not do that. It seems so totally uncreative to me. So after the motto: You just take what everyone has, because you can not miss it ...
  • reply - 9: So for me as an educator it is very difficult to find a name for my baby, with whom I bring no child in connection.

    Finn's name is like Ruthy's ... always one of my favorite names ... until just a few years ago when every boy was called Finn ... and combinations with Finn ...

    For girls, there are no such "nerve names" ... because I had not so much to do with Seraphinas or Jacquelines :-D

    LG Anika
  • reply - 10: huhu,
    Honestly, names like Jacqueline, Chantal and co. I find Sophie and Zoe incredibly beautiful, but I would not take for my child, because I do not think it's very good if my child's name is like any 3rd. Unfortunately these include Leon, Fynn / Finn, Luca and Pascal. Furthermore you have to think about it nowadays if the name is not on the no-go list of educators and teachers (like pascal or Kevin) to give your child a good start in life.

    It's really not that easy to name your child nowadays.

    LG Jadera (girl 12/2008, boy 6/2010 and abdominal 8 + 5)

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