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Strong burning and discharge in the genital area :-(


Hello dear mum,
I hope you can calm me down somehow, since the beginning of pregnancy, it has started to burn strong in the genital area, of course, then immediately went to the gynecologist to exclude an infection ect (early pregnancy 8+)
Which was the case. My fa said there is nothing mushroom ect.
Then I went home reassured. Unfortunately, it would not get better week by week. Of course, I'm often a doctor because of that, it was never found anything, now 15+ is lately worse with a strong yellow and greenish discharge (Sorry). Am then back to the Fa. My FA has really studied me very well sent to the laboratory ect, you said there is nothing at all, it may be that it is more pregnant in the pregnancy and therefore burns so terrible. It is unfortunately in some women so.I'm glad that there was nothing found.I'm just worried that there may still be something and it can do little damage since I never had something like this :-( that worries me very much.I also do not dare to constantly again to go to the Fa because I've been there so many times already is embarrassing again because of this case with the burning I'm not worried anymore got used to it even though it hurts a lot, just this yellow and green outflow is just my problem: - (
Now my question had someone already gone through?
What should I do ? Again to the FA?
I thank you in advance
Sorry for the long text.


  • reply - 1: So normal discharge is whitish. I had already yellowish and my fa said as long as it does not smell and itches there is nothing.

    I know of a friend who had green outflow and she then got the fa that it goes away. We have the same fa ... but with green I would be careful

  • reply - 2: Make a lactic acid cure! Are capsules for the intimate area! Let yourself be advised in the pharmacy! But I would also ranziehen another gynecologist, if your actually nullifies! It may be that your vaginal flora is somehow spinning through the hormone conversion!
  • reply - 3: Would in your place to the hospital so that clarify that. Did you do the burning at the pee?
    Not that it's a bubble-blast.
  • reply - 4: So in the urine is nothing, that does not hurt. In the hospital I was also very often saying the same as my FA.
  • reply - 5: So if you get the googlet any irritation comes out in any case! Normal is not what you have! If that smells funny, there is definitely something that should not be! Yellowish ok! But greenish ??? I do not know if urologists may be familiar with it !?
  • reply - 6: In the first pregnancy, I also had yellow-green discharge, in this pregnancy too. In my case, my outflow has been examined several times but it is all well, the doctor says that the discharge comes through the hormones and no cause for concern ,
  • reply - 7: Just as with me who said it comes from the hormonal change, so I'm just sitting at the fA am curious what this time comes out. Better safe than sorry
    Many thanks for your help :-)
    I'll let you know then.
  • reply - 8: Hello the same problem I had too.
    Strong burning ect. Thought too first I would have a fungus but nothing too bacteria. My FA said the hormones mess up the vaginal flora.
    Then I just changed my shower gel and lo and behold .. EVERYTHING SUPI ... Now make sure that it is very PH neutral.
    Sebamet is totally great but a bit more expensive .... or extra Mama shower oil from the DM
  • reply - 9: So you love, as already thought was nothing (luckily)
    So I just got an ointment and a wash gel, I have to endure this burning well. Sarika85 I'll try Sebamed thanks for the tip. I'm reassured that I'm not the only one with the problem, I just thought I'm doing it so :( hope it gets better. Thanks to you all: - **
  • reply - 10: Oh and try it to the emergency with a zinc ointment or Multilind cream that also relieves the juckreitz. The advantage of using Multilind cream is that it contains Nystatin. An active ingredient against fungi. Can you also apply to babies in the buttocks and groin area if this sore should be.
    The problem with me was simple, the normal washing lotions have dried out the skin too much.
    Therefore, I am currently at the two washing lotions and stay there for now.
    Wish you luck ;-)

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