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pregnant and sauna?


Hello have a question who can help me so I'm in the 39 + 2 ssw I can without any reservation to the sauna ??


  • reply - 1: Hey. With me today is 40 + 0. I try the days to go again. Danger according to midwife is that promptly to the ET labor is triggered. I would not mind. Should also be better than hot bath (+ 39 °), because the blood is less heated.

    All this is only true if you are used to sauna and not exaggerating.

    However, two times have been addressed on the stomach two weeks ago ... Seems to be an unfamiliar picture

  • reply - 2: Only that is the danger of causing a stir? Then, yes, I'm also super that I want to blow because I get my gynecologist today meant my belly still ligt far up it lasts until the child comes I do not want that it takes I have no strength
  • reply - 3: Well, on Kreisslauf you have to pay attention ...

    I also do sauna really well.

  • reply - 4: Was in the pregnancy even 4 times sauna. Should supposedly be good for the birth too.
    Cause contractions I consider exaggerated! It probably does as much / little as the other home remedies / teas / steam baths / acupuncture etc.

    At first I was very careful, because I go swimming a couple of times a year, but well, then I'm pregnant for the first time.
    I've always sat directly at the door during the infusion and started with the least hot. At the first infusion after half out, just out of caution.
    Last time we had two really hot infusions and had a total of 4 saunas. 10 minutes sauna relaxes more than 1h massage!

    Btw. I can not understand the hygiene argument here. Why should not you be allowed into the swimming pool and into the sauna? In the sauna I sit on my own towel and pay special attention to hygiene, there I have it in my hand.
    Have both done regularly (sauna and swimming) and never had a fungus or other infection.

  • reply - 5: The contractions are only about the times close to the ET. ;-) Relaxation and warmth - I can already imagine, but since I'm in the morning on appointment, I have no problem with it.

    I would not know hygiene either, I'm sitting on my own towel.

  • reply - 6: my FA is against sauna and hot water. 
  • reply - 7: Yoluu I was close to ET ;-)

    n8 does she mean you should take a cold shower? ;-)

    Was in Aquafit for pregnant women that is offered in 32 degrees warm water.

  • reply - 8: So I was in the sauna and swimming pool all pregnancy. It did not hurt me and the worm, on the contrary. He was born on 01.09.
    However, as a precaution against germs, etc., I have always used an olive oil tampon.Just soak a normal tampon in olive oil, in it and already bacteria and fungi have no chance.

  • reply - 9: I am 40 + 4 and was in the sauna the day before yesterday and go back soon ... Nice and warm, does good back and can get body in motion ... Do not be upset ...

    There were glances but that was me ... No matter

    have fun and relax

  • reply - 10: My midwife and gynecologist have said nothing against it ... One should stop as possible not in the hottest sauna and take care that the circulation does not smear ... Both said that you should not go to the swimming pool and sauna, if the mucus plug has left, because then germs etc. can penetrate more easily

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