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Which shoes for the summer?


Hello girls are in the 21.SSW and looking for tips for the comfortable Sommerschuh.Da I have problems with the back fall shoes with heel weg.Hab you have the ultimate insider tip for me, for example. A super comfortable ballerina or something similar. Thank you.


  • reply - 1: Flip Flops: D just when you have problems
    with edema has!
  • reply - 2: Shoes by Think! are very comfortable. However, not so cheap. But you have something of it.
  • reply - 3: I bought these in black ....


  • reply - 4: Flip Flop with good footbed
  • reply - 5: These slippers of birkenstock or betula with a toe separator are all the rage. Last summer already and this one too. I'll grow some for the pregnancy feet and which ;-).
  • reply - 6: So I can only recommend the Birkenstock toe separator. They are really great. ☺

  • reply - 7: Sneakers or sneakers are open at the back to slip in!
  • reply - 8: Hi! Take a look at the espadrilles at H & M! Ultra comfortable and you slip in and out quickly. I got cream for the summer. For 10 € you can at least try! LG, Katha
  • reply - 9: I got sketchers balerinas. Are super light and slightly wider cut. Even with the length they fall out bigger so I wear them currently one size smaller than my actual size. There are also sketchers that look less sporty
  • reply - 10: I wear in the summer in the office always ballerinas and at home Birkenstock pines;)

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