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We need your vote - Voting "Kindergarten Construction Site" - Please help us!


Hello   ,

The day care center "Kleine Strolche", where we give our little mouse to care, have registered for the voting "Baustelle Kindergarten". There is no need to donate money but to cast a vote.

The "Little Rascals" is the institution with the fewest children among the participating institutions and we have to really accelerate. We need a lot of votes, otherwise we have no chance and therefore I ask you for your help

The public voting is today under the link


started and the facility is under the

Headline "Trippel, Trappel and crawling " to find.

Everyone can vote once a day. The voting ends on 12.11.2015 at 23.59 clock.

It would be great if you / you are involved. We would all be very happy!

Many thanks (also in the name of the "little tramp")

P.S. But no one should feel obliged to do so. If you are not interested, please ignore it!


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