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You and your baby: 3 months, 1 week

How your baby is developing

Her little one is strong enough to hold his head up. Now it can look at what's going on in the room. With improved flexibility, many three-month-old babies can wag their arms and kick their legs wildly, and they can spread their fingers and bring their hands together (even if it's not enough to clap).

Your baby has recognized you just a few days after birth - but only now can it show that. About half of all babies at this age respond clearly to the presence of their parents.

Presumably, your little charmer will still smile at everyone he meets, but slowly he's becoming more picky in dealing with others. For larger groups or people he does not know, he'll need a bit of getting used to it.

The temporal lobe in your baby's brain, which is responsible for hearing, language acquisition and smelling, is now highly active. Take advantage of this by talking to your sweetheart, playing or reading music to him.

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We play!

Two awesome game ideas that could make your baby fun this week and encourage its development!
Postures to Soothe See four ways you can hold and calm your baby when it cries. More helpful videos can be found here

Your life: When the baby blues stops

Are you extremely anxious or moody, but have you always pushed your thin nerves as a mother? Did your partner ask you if you have the Baby Blues? It could also be something more serious if the depressed mood lasts for weeks. Neither pride nor inappropriate sense of shame should stop you from seeking help. It is estimated that about 10% of mothers suffer from postnatal depression. This is a serious but curable disease.

Parent tip: Clean thing

"When my second son was very small, I gave him cotton diapers for cuddling - every day a freshly washed, clean one - that was much more hygienic than the tangled stuffed bunny that my first son idolized." - Jennifer
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