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Hello everybody,

online there are pro and contra arguments on the topic of thermal bathing and swimming during pregnancy, so I wanted to ask if you have an experience with it, if so, if the swim tampons are harmless and to be recommended.
Thank you, LG from Vienna


  • reply - 1: In a normal pregnancy you can go swimming?
    Why then soft tampons?
    Incidentally, with these you should have experience in handling. Seated at the doctor several times, because they had almost sucked on the cervix (took during the period) and I had no removal practice :)

    During my pregnancy, I was often in spas, was also swimming and sauna (but was very limited in time).

    If you feel good, then I see no problem in it.

  • reply - 2: Hello Kathysue, thanks for your answer, the OB Info was very helpful! :)
  • reply - 3: During pregnancy, we were almost every week in the spa ... Needed that
    to relax the muscles ;-)

    Have fun while enjoying

  • reply - 4: Hello, I do not see any reservations here and have been with my son (7y) during the SS in a spa, on the one hand I have the naked of my female body whenever it is very enjoyed, on the other hand did me Heat in the sauna (5 min) good and in the steam room it was pleasant. I was even supported by the sauna staff and encouraged to continue ... because it has a positive effect on the entire blood circulation. I will risk it again during this pregnancy. I go swimming as often as possible ... without any aids.
  • reply - 5: Dear Elbe,

    thanks, that calmed me down. All my colleagues are of the opinion that hot thermal water is dangerous because of the bacteria and infection can cause a premature birth: (I will enjoy it anyway, hopefully the swimming also helps against back pain :) LG and thank you again

  • reply - 6: Hello Merlin,
    I was forbidden by my doctor Therme, because I had a high PH value (risk of receiving bacteria) and I had such a low cycle, which could only be worsened by spa. If I had not had these problems, Therme would even be very good for relaxation. If you have no problems, it would be even recommended.
  • reply - 7: I did aqua fitness for pregnant women during the whole pregnancy and was also in the spa once, without a tampon and that worked fine.
    Had previously asked my midwife and said that it was ok because my pregnancy was uncomplicated.
    Have in the warm water more often made break than usual and avoided Whirlpool, not to overtax the circulation. For this reason I did not do any sauna, otherwise I rarely go and am not used to it.
  • reply - 8: If you have no problems wg infections and the blood pressure is ok, nothing speaks against.
    I had a fungal infection at the beginning of pregnancy - just from swimming (go once a week). Now I introduce a tampon before swimming on the advice of the doctor and then take a ph neutral lactic acid suppository (prescribed by the doctor). However, I have here a "prehistory" wg the mushroom at the beginning of the SS. In my 1st SS I was also swimming regularly, even in thermal baths - there everything was fine. Thus, I would not worry if your smear the FA was always ok.

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