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When, who, how to tell about the pregnancy?


Hy mädels I'm 26 and (probably) pregnant for the first time, I've done 4 tests so far, 2 have been negative and 2 not 100% positive! My breasts, however, are very sensitive and my period which otherwise, is very regular, has also failed (would be now in the 6 sw) Have on Thursday a FA appointment.
My concern is rather 2 weekends celebrated the wedding eve with my sister and the next day with my family, as it is very liquid.
My friend and I have been trying it since March and I have hypothyroidism, never thought that it would strike the first time!
To get back to my problem, firstly, I have a really bad conscience that I could get miscarged because of the alcohol or the child might have something. And how do I tell my friend, who still holds the alcohol for me today and does not even know that I'm possibly pregnant.


  • reply - 1: Because of the alcohol you do not need to worry. It is said that if you do not know something, it could not have been harmful. That you omit the alcohol now should be self-evident. With what did you test that 2x neg and 2x not unique? Take the CB digitally. I also have hypothyroidism, take 1 thyroxine 150 & am now directly pregnant in the 1st ÜZ (5 + 1 today) just take your pills on ..
    You can tell your friend, if you have planned, he will certainly be happy too
  • reply - 2: Thank you!
    I calmed down a lot because of the alcohol, of course I'll let him off now.
    Because of my thyroid, I have informed myself in advance, take euthyrox 112mg.
    Because of the test I bought at the pharmacy, but in the evening they used to show negative. After that, in the drugstore, they were very slightly pregnant.
  • reply - 3: Yes, check your SD values ​​every 4 weeks. In the SS, the need is usually greater. Especially after ft3 and ft4 watch. As I said make a digital of clearblue. With "pregnant" and "not pregnant" there are always clear results. I took the same, instead of stupid strokes advise. And if there @ pregnant ", then it is you too .. There is only false negative but not false positive, because the body without ss yes, no HCG forms. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • reply - 4: Thank you! I will make! When is the time for you?
  • reply - 5: I'm on 15.05 my first gyn appointment & until then I let my TSH again at the family doctor test & if then everything goes well & there is where it belongs & would be my ET the 05.01 & you?
  • reply - 6: Unfortunately, TSH alone is not enough. He wavers during the day. Ft3 and Ft4 are important and one should not take LT on the day of taking blood to avoid falsifying the values
  • reply - 7: My first FA appointment is on Thursday, the ET would be the 03.01.2018. Hope everything fits!
    I'm a bit nervous.
    Did it tell my friend today that I am probably pregnant, unfortunately it went a bit stupid, it was under an argument, now he talks nothing more with me.
  • reply - 8: Yes, I am a medical assistant. No new territory for me
  • reply - 9: Oh, did not he say anything about that?
  • reply - 10: I told my friend at breakfast, with a cup on the floor saying 'you're going to be Dad' and when he finished his coffee, the lettering came out. He was very happy about it, after all, it is a wishful child and we have been practicing it for some time 

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