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Breath of the umbilical bone


My little one (7 weeks) has an umbilical hernia and thus a tumor at the navel. Our KiA wants to etch that away. Does one know this? Is that very painful for my baby? Is everything ok after that?


  • reply - 1: mine also has a small umbilical hernia but it is under observation ..... which said that it is an open wound by the birth .... that you need to worry about it neve need ...

    If you still have another opinion ...

  • reply - 2: My little one was also etched away a small dick. Except that it was cool she did not notice, it is really harmless
  • reply - 3: My little one has a navel granuloma, that is a tumor without nerves. Is probably the same. My midwife said etching would not be bad, but try it first with calendula essence, always dripping two to three drops on it. That's how it dries up and eventually falls off.
  • reply - 4: My midwife sprinkled some salt on the granuloma and dried it up. The next day it was gone ...
  • reply - 5: In our little one three or four times a small granuloma (tumor) has been etched away. He had no pain, I think, because there are no nerves in this "wild flesh" (as already written). So far, however, something had formed again and again or it was probably not completely removed: / Anyway, it is still not completely gone. The sister at the KiA said, however, that the little piece, which can still be seen in the navel, will not be visible later.

    My midwife had also given me the guy with the salt. I'll probably try that again now.

  • reply - 6: Did your midwife use table salt as normal? And how much about?
  • reply - 7: Yes, that was normal salt and she used very little. I would say a little pinch. But do not wait too long, because the little tumor can not start to scurry yet.
  • reply - 8: By the way, I own this little "worm" in my navel. I have inherited: -D

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