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I stole this topic from another club but I thought it was really cute!
For each of us, life has changed. But in what way? What has come to the fore and what is not important anymore?

(If it does not fit, just delete;))


  • reply - 1: I have completely new priorities and have also increased my self-confidence. :)
  • reply - 2: ... I'm really happy and enjoy every day.
    ... If order is not so important to me, I'd rather spend time with my son than scrub the floors
  • reply - 3: ... have completely changed my views, I would like to breastfeed now for as long as possible, love the family bed and act / would like to educate needs and relationship-oriented.
    ... it is not so important to me to have the perfect body
    ... I know the love of my life  

  • reply - 4: ..I see the world with different eyes
    ... I am very happy
    .... there is nothing more important than the well-being and health of my son
  • reply - 5: ... I am happy!
    ... I am much stronger and more assertive
    ... I am much more attentive and attentive
    ... I feel gifted and I am very thankful
    ... I feel loved and love myself so much, as I never could have imagined before.

  • reply - 6: ... I love my husband in a new way!
    ... I drive a lot of mindful car!
    ... Is order and cleanliness in the household much more important (our dog drags a lot, I never noticed)
    ... is my life much calmer and more comfortable?
    ... am I just happy!
    ... I know what my mother has done and see her with completely different eyes!

    I could keep writing like this forever <3

  • reply - 7: ... I try socially to contribute more to society
    ... I live more active and healthy
    ... I am usually found on the floor
    ... I am a child again
    ... I often become an angry animal
    ... I feel tired but not old
    ... I'm not planning anymore
    ... I enjoy more
    ... I also go out of the house without being showered

    And much, much more!

  • reply - 8: ... is my child the most important!
    ... when Jonas laughs the world is alright no matter how tired I am
    ... is more important to me, but the apartment looks worse now :-D
    ... I discover some activities again for me
    ... I like sports and stay active more importantly
    ... I enjoy the time with my husband much more intense
  • reply - 9: ... I know that 5 x 1.5 hours of sleep are not nearly the same as 7.5 hours of sleep. 
  • reply - 10: it annoys me animal, if damn it, no one stops the shit siesta. Of course you have to work with the circular saw right now ...

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