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do you feel lonely sometimes?


Hello dear moms ...

I have a 4 year old daughter and my little daughter is now 4 months old. I feel the blanket on my head during the day and feel very lonely. My husband is at work all day and always comes home around 8 pm (but that's the case with many people). I used to spend a lot of time with my children with my mother, but today she told me that it was all too much for her. Now I feel very lonely because I can not go there so often and my friends are working for their children again. Unfortunately, there are not many groups or courses here that I can visit ... Those who are there I have already registered. It was not like that with my big daughter at that time had many children in her age and we met to push and talk ... Unfortunately it is different this time. Well enough complained maybe it's just a few ...

Would appreciate answers


  • reply - 1: What I really wanted to say is ...
    That somehow meet me or the discussions with other moms are missing.
  • reply - 2: Hey Gordonmienchen,
    About two months after giving birth, I also had frequent moments when I felt lonely. But there was also the bad weather phase and something like that always puts pressure on my mind.

    That you signed up for courses is great. Did they already start? And with your mother, you can make vlt a day off the week you can go to her. So she has enough time for herself and also regularly sees you and the grandchildren. That will be in their interest?
    If you have two courses a week, and you are with your mother in one day, there are already three days "covered" :)

    What about playgrounds?

    Or your 4-year-old daughter ... does the vlt go to kindergarten and has friends there with a similar family constellation?

  • reply - 3: I feel totally with you. I worked until before ss our second daughter in kindergarten. And that's where I'm at home. I also often have the feeling of being left alone :( Every day equals the other at the moment.But I also have to say I am extremely impotent to change anything about it, even if I really want it, I lack the energy: (Hope it gets better with increasing sleep
  • reply - 4: Yes, that's how I feel. I could just go out but we have such exhausting nights and days because I can not do it.  
    Most of the time I feel very lonely when she has shouted to herself (which does not happen often) and my husband is sitting in front of the TV and over the baby monitor definitely mithöet as I am struggling to get the mouse quiet. Mostly I cry with the little one then. In such moments stop.
    But I was alone on shopping times and my husband has taken care of the mouse. That was sooo great. Well, everything will be alright. 
  • reply - 5: Something similar I know too. My husband, for example, has Luke on his arm and when he cries, he says to him like that ... yes, yes, everything is fine and so on but it takes a long time until he tries to calm him down actively with getting up a bit for example. Sometimes that makes me extremely angry
  • reply - 6: Well, I think he's really trying, but sometimes I feel the same way. I feel so insane left alone. Well men stop.
    Mostly it is with us that when she roars I have her. Does that always mean the men would have to work so much and need time for themselves. Must always laugh there. Of course Hehe and I do not need a second for me. I'm home and do nothing. Except 24h baby, dogs and household. But that's nothing. Zero exhausting. Full of vacation.

    Sorry, pure irony. But I had to get rid of it. 

  • reply - 7: Yes, yes! And then he also has something to do with his colleagues or something for themselves, because they have it so strict! The poor men! It's not that I want to do something alone (I meet with my girlfriends with baby) but support would be just fine! Or just do three things and not always be alone responsible for the baby! But actually I can not moan, mine is very good anyway!  
    But even if I'm like today because it's just pouring, then only at home, the days are really eternal long ... and I sometimes feel lonely despite baby! But it helps me a lot of walks and unfortunately also many in the shops for a walk! I thought with baby then I need less money! Wrong thought 
  • reply - 8: Beloved, be glad that your men come home every night!
    Of course, sometimes you get upset because you do not do something or go wrong. But I wish I could get upset about my husband's actions. He comes only on the weekend! And you actually feel alone sometimes.
    I try to do something every day, but not much. So time goes by and we come among people. Regression, still café, go shopping etc.
    Do not be so strict with your men! Rejoice that they are there and listen to you! That alone is worth a lot! 
  • reply - 9: I am totally happy about your answers. I thought that I am one of those who is so. Because you know that, you ask another mom how she is doing and you always get the answer "everything is great here" ...

    yes my big daughter is in the Kiga and has luckily also many friends and is totally happy but unfortunately there is no similar constellation as with us.

    Unfortunately, my course starts in two weeks, I hope it will be better.

    When I think that the winter is coming soon, I feel very different.

    Fortunately it is with us so that my husband when he is there is a lot to take care of the children, especially the big mouse.

  • reply - 10: But on the whole, many men always make themselves very easy

    Do you go with your babies already to any courses

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