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Investigations after frequent miscarriage


Hello my dears,
we are currently undergoing our second miscarriage.
First it was called Windei, then suddenly there was something to see-with Herzflimmern- and today everything is empty again. Rechn.8.Ssw.
Have again received a transfer for the hospital ...

My doctor would like to send me then for examinations.
Can someone tell me which examinations are possible?


  • reply - 1: First of all, this ups and downs of feelings and the terrible experience of another miscarriage makes me immensely sorry for you! I think everybody knows exactly how you feel right now! Has your doctor already expressed a suspicion as it may be that was seen at the last appointment embryo with heartbeat and this time nothing? That does not seem logical to me somehow? Or is there something but he sees no heart action anymore? As far as the examinations after habitual abortions are concerned, there are a multitude of possibilities. From my experience I can say that usually first thyroid and blood clotting is examined. Even a hormone status can give a lot of information. If nothing comes out, there are other options such as: a laparoscopy. But this is usually done as one of the last remedies or on concrete suspicion. But all these possibilities can also be talked about by your gyn. We can all just exchange experiences here or make guesses. Only the transition to a specialist will give you certainty as to how it can continue now. I wish you all the strength and support from your loved ones! Wishing you all the best!
  • reply - 2: I am very sorry about that    

    I have 4 asterisks, 2 early departures and 2 still births.
    Some time ago I had been examined for blood clotting, luteal weakness and APS as well as anomalies of the uterus. After asterisk # 4 we went to genetic testing. Unfortunately have a translocation and we will try it now with an ICSI with PKD.

    Wishing you all the best 

  • reply - 3: Hello!
    We also start looking for causes after the second early miscarriage this year. My gynecologist said we should go to the third FG, but I'm 38 and honestly I do not want to wait.
    I would like your experiences?
    Or is there another thread I overlooked?
    Thyroid scores I get today. And at the end of October, I have an appointment with the coagulation outpatient clinic.
    Furthermore, there are human genetics and uterine endoscopy and a short consultation in the room, but actually take only after the third FG.
    How did you handle that? Further gehibbelt despite parallel clarification?
    I'm always pretty fast pregnant ... There would hormonal everything right, right?
  • reply - 4: Hello dear Stef2019! It is always terrible to hear how often one still has to fight miscarriages at the respective doctors for clarifying investigations. Whether now after 2, 3 or more, I completely do not care! It's always bad and it always hurts! But often the doctors do not take you to "Nur" 2 FG first. Sad but true! In your case, I think that you have already found some important points of contact with SD examination, coagulation, human genetics and womb mirroring. This together will certainly clarify many questions. If you still want to read from other experiences, this thread would be the best:

    I wish you all the best on the way to success and hope you get the answers that will help you further.

  • reply - 5: Thanks! I'll take a look!
    Am in a new family doctor practice and the doctor of today, has taken my concerns seriously. But she also says that abortions are "normal" for gynecologists and often do not see the individual fate. She has reaffirmed me that we are already clearing up human genetics.
    My thyroid glands are already good!
  • reply - 6: Well you see, that's already very good if your HA supports you and takes your concerns and concerns seriously! Funnily, that was the case after my 2nd FG. For the gyn and the kiwu business as usual only my family doctor had an open ear and understanding. I think it's definitely true what your doctor said. After all, you already know that the thyroid is ok. That's reassuring. I hope in the further investigations you get also answers that bring you further! Every path starts with the first step and you have done that now!
  • reply - 7: Hello dear ones,
    Thanks for your messages. I needed a distance to everything first.
    We were in a human genetics and they have found the factor 5 mutation in me. We were pretty happy first because you read everywhere that it is a cause and you can use medication.
    The doctor said she leaves the therapy to the gynecologist and her years of experience. But such a coagulation disorder should not be related to the miscarriage. Since I was a little confused ... she was very happy that our DNA is unremarkable, we get sent everything again and then I go to FÄ. Let's see what she says.

    My FÄ said in August that the official recommendations are to transfer to 3 FG but she does not wait that long and in human genetics that was not a question either.

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