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Hello! Find a few (ok, one would be enough for the beginning) Mama`s with whom one can meet!


  • reply - 1: Hello good evening, We are from Ludwigsburg and are also looking for parents for common ventures with kids. Our little one is 10 months old. Would you like to get in touch? Here my mail [email protected] I would be happy Greeting Petra
  • reply - 2: Hello I've come from Ilsfeld so pretty near you and I know that we live a while here, however, it was me through the work (Altenpflegerin) never got to meet people I'm now pregnant and got job-related BV and feel I often go alone and go alone with my Chihuahua is really no fun and also looking mum (one also reaches) in my area. It has meanwhile become different between our friends and us, we are still only those who have a child.

  • reply - 3: Hello girls,
  • reply - 4: Hello Vanities,
    Although I'm not from Heilbronn, but have just seen that our two mice are almost the same age. Your little one would therefore on 18.8. to be born!?
    LG, Susanne
  • reply - 5: Hi Ch4otin87 is great that there is still someone close to me would be happy to exchange with you and possibly also have to meet synonymous still have little contact with the old environment because I'm the first. How old are you? and when do you get your crumbs?
  • reply - 6: @ Cat Mouse: no idea if you still reads this, was in this group for a long time not in it. SS dementia * push *

    Am built in 87, so next week I'm 25th The ET of our dwarf is on 24.08. I am now SSW35.

    Guess you're Year 88? :-)
    have you been able to make contact with others ?! For me this is very miserable in the meantime, let me do a lot of grinding myself, because everything is too exhausting for me. It has and will change a lot in the acquaintance and circle of friends .. sorry.

  • reply - 7: Hello Ch4otin87 Where do you live?
  • reply - 8: Just saw first that you wrote Ch4otin87. Yes, I was born in 88 and no, nothing has changed in me. I live in a Rentnereck and of course you get zero connection to other people in my age unfortunately. So I always ride 50-60Km to go to my friends. Of course, I would like to have friends here and friends who at best have children who are in Liliana's age.

    Johanna's musical taste is already fixed? Lilianas also she got a body with Wacken 2030 given.

    How are you? The last few weeks are quite exhausting especially when it's really hot. And even if it comes too late, all the beloved birthday. Would be glad of you to hear / read, if you do not read it before I wish you a not too painful birth and a great hug time with little Johanna.
    Greetings Liliana and Caty

  • reply - 9: Halli Hello, I live in Erlenbach, so just around the corner ;-) am 26 years old and my son was born on 15.05.
    We both are pretty much at home because my husband strikes and all the girls in my fk have older children.

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