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Baby room on the 1st floor?


I'm already crumbling all the time as I do that with the baby room because the nursery is on the 1st floor. Which means I often have to climb stairs and stairs. At night, it's no problem because the nursery is just across the bedroom, but during the day? Roombed and let downstairs? And wrap on the couch? Or always on the 1st floor?

How do you do this? Or how did you plan that?


  • reply - 1: We also sleep downstairs living upstairs. Have then for the first time down NEN bassinet. You get used to it. How to stay fit ...
  • reply - 2: the child must be m.M.n. as well as not sleeping alone at first, that is, I would put a bassinet or just a soft blanket downstairs, and let the baby sleep downstairs.

    Changing table in the nursery is impractical in your case, I will. only wigeln in the bathroom or on the sofa (changing mat on the bathtub) because I have no room for a changing table.

  • reply - 3: That's no problem at all. During the day, the baby can sleep in the bassinet, in the playpen (which is usually also height adjustable) or on the floor on a playmat or something. Then you simply have to consider climbing stairs to change diapers as part of your daily fitness program.
    And later, when it's limited to two naps during the day and you no longer feel like watching it, you can put it to bed in the nursery and then combine the diaper change anyway.
  • reply - 4: We live on 2 floors. We had a bassinet and later playpen downstairs in the living room. During the day the little one slept downstairs at night in our bedroom upstairs. I wound the baby changing table upstairs in the nursery and at the beginning also actually always upstairs. Meanwhile (sonhnemann is now 18 months) I wrap in often down on the couch. Have shut down in a drawer diapers, wipes and once-changing mat. This is quite handy...
  • reply - 5:

    We also have the bedrooms upstairs - ergo KiZi ...

    Since we have 4 dogs, there is also a travel cot downstairs, where dwarf is inside, etc.

    And changing mat also comes to the bathroom on the washing machine.

  • reply - 6:

    Thanks for the answers!

    Then I'll probably focus on bassinet and changing mat on the couch, because the bathroom is also upstairs with us.

    But I will still put a changing comedy in the nursery, because I'm not always (if visit or so) can Wind down :)

  • reply - 7:

    We will also have everything twice - so bed and changing table ...

    Wrap on the couch would not be properly possible here with 4 dogs * grin *

  • reply - 8: We also have two dogs, but then get a living room ban when I Wickle :)
  • reply - 9: We will do it with a wraps and baths combi in the bathroom on our bathtub! :)
  • reply - 10: Do you have the space for a nursery? With us it will be the first time to sleep in the bedroom. Currently live with my parents-in-law, because we are still building. Hope it will work out for the transitional period

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