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26 ssw but the extremities are too short for the baby


Hey dear, somebody knows it. My baby has too short extremities. Trisomy21 is excluded worries me


  • reply - 1: What does your doctor say why it might be?
  • reply - 2: Sorry but what is called extremities
  • reply - 3: That would be arms and legs.

    Yes, what does the doctor say?

  • reply - 4: They can not exclude 100% that there is nothing. Maybe just a baby or it has a genital disease.
  • reply - 5: I would get a second opinion from a specialist.
    Maybe they can say more.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best!

  • reply - 6: did you have a fruit water examination? because trisomy they can exclude, you said. how did your Fa say exactly? I mean you can not just throw something in space and say nothing. It is quite clear that you make a bunch of thoughts. I also think a second opinion is definitely advisable. I keep my fingers crossed that it is nothing bad
  • reply - 7: Thanks .......
  • reply - 8: Did the pranatest that did not show trisomi 13 18 and 21. At any rate I'll get a second opinion. Because I'm totally relaxed I do not have to have a reason, I'm still worried.

    Thank you very much for your fingers crossed

  • reply - 9: Is not only the 3 chromosomes. What about the others? There are 23 pieces. Or. 22 and xy chromosome.
    Or do not have the result yet? Since one waits unfortunately almost 3 weeks on it :-(

    Everything good for you!

  • reply - 10: I would also get a second opinion. I am somehow confused. Why do you leave you with such a diagnosis in the dark?
    What is their advice? What should you do according to them?
    Have a look.      

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