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Hello my dears,

What size of clothing should I start buying for newborns? Bodysuits, trousers etc.


  • reply - 1: So I bought in the 56 
  • reply - 2: If you buy 50 or 56 is probably synonymous a bit of belief. For a bigger baby you might not need the 50, but for a smaller one you have to roll a lot at 56. I only have it from the age of 56, when it drowns a bit in the clothes in the first few weeks, I think that's not so bad.

    ... 5kg babies may even start with 62, but you should not go out that way ^^

  • reply - 3: I have things from size 50, with my daughter that was way too big even though she was 52cm tall and 3600gr. You do not need that much and since they are only worn for a short time you get good 2.hand stuff.
  • reply - 4: I've already asked myself that question. I have now bought a lot in 56 but also some things in 50/56 ... if the mouse is smaller then it will just be carded or bought
  • reply - 5: I think it depends on where you buy them. In H & M you can easily buy the 50 because daughter thought fit in the beginning super pure. 56 what is too big. Would not be bad. Dresses from other stores do not know exactly which fit the no 50 üüüüübeeeer not at all, much too small.
    She was 53 cm tall and weighed 3850 g at birth.

    To be sure I would buy the 56. Otherwise you can quickly send the partner or so shopping :)

  • reply - 6: I bought with my son from 56 onwards that was good as well with 53cm and barely 4kg he has worn the two weeks.

    Will buy now for the princess and only 56 find that you comfortable if loose fit. And if you really should be smaller, you can quickly buy something in 50.

  • reply - 7: That's hard to say, it depends on the child.
    I had almost only bought things in 56 with my first child, because I assumed that she rather comes after me. Was a mistake, the small 49cm and 2500g so small and thin. We still had to buy a lot in 50 (and even that was partly too big!)

    I would just buy a few parts in 50 and 56 so that there is something wrong. Still better than to be in the hospital and to remember you have nothing in the right size there.

  • reply - 8: The first one we bought 56. She came with 52 cm and the size has held relatively long. The second came with 55 cm to the world ... yes 56 was not really what we had fortunately even bigger clothes.
    Small nachkaufen is always just buy something which can not be worn then I always find a pity
  • reply - 9: I bought at the last child in 50, but it was all too big. He had 47cm. I bought some parts in size 46. 50 then he had with almost a month ...
  • reply - 10: A few parts in any case in 50, otherwise 56th Thought my Big comes after his sibling but no indication. I was glad to have some things in my 50's.
    My kids: Asterisk 54cm 3500g only 56, 50 was almost too small.
    My Big 50 cm 3600g is partially drowned in 50, but better than 56

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