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First child vs last child


Time to relax in this summer heat. What did you do differently with the first child than with the last / youngest?

Me at the first child: I need a leak-proof cup. That's great - bought. A week later: That's great too - bought. End: possession of 4 leak-proof cups.
Youngest: crap, no cup is really tight. Oh, for the few months I do not like buying anything new. It works that way too. Let's just hold a cloth diaper underneath. 


  • reply - 1: I know that too. Only the other way around. My Great could drink great from glasses and the youngest I have bought spill-proof cups.

    The big boys drank only water. The two little ones drink everything possible.

    However, I had more time for the big ones than for the little ones. Because I worked at that time only in the morning.

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