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Vitamin D tablets


Wanted to ask if all mothers give the partially controversial vitamin D tablets from the 9th day of life your baby? I have read the leaflet and was a bit scared, what you can get everything ......


  • reply - 1: We give the vitamin D tablet, but without fluoride.
    Jakob has been wearing it for 1 year ... I honestly did not even read the leaflet ... I just trust our pediatrician.
  • reply - 2: If you read instructions leaflet you should not take anything. No pill, no aspirin nothing.

    So do not let crazy drive the vitamin D get almost all children in Germany.

  • reply - 3: Hello!

    Vitamit D is even very important as rickets prophylaxis. Especially since there is so little sun in Germany. Get mine for 1 year and it's all ok.

  • reply - 4:


    Julian also tolerates them well. He gets the "Fluor Vigantolette" The fluorine is important for the teeth. Although I forgot one or the other times to give it to the dwarf. I already had a bad conscience.

  • reply - 5: you do not have to have a guilty conscience because of that, so your child will not feel worse;)

    We have waived the fluorine because it is too high for our conditions (just 4 teeth). We take normal toddler toothpaste and what hangs is enough says our dentist.
  • reply - 6: ... that with the fluorine is anyway so ne principle thing ... my midwife said without (we take), but my pediatrician wants to cheat us again and again with fluorine .... but we clean Jacob since the 1 Tooth out there was the teeth with children's toothpaste and that's enough ....
  • reply - 7: We also take the vitamin D with fluorine. Especially for Benjamin, it is very important to take the vitamin D, as he absorbs bad sun with his darker skin - his father is African.
  • reply - 8: At first I gave vitamin D tablets with fluoride but not regularly. Quite often I forgot. My midwife then recommended that I prescribe tablets without fluoride at the next visit to a pediatrician. These dissolve, however, very bad in the mouth. Then I read the leaflet that you should reach the tablet with water. I found it too time-consuming and ultimately I decided not to give vitamin D.
  • reply - 9: we do not give any. I gave her her week and she was so sick of it, so we left it.
    some also say that you do not need to give it until the dark season, if at all, because the body gets enough vitamin d beforehand. And corridor is also contained in the water, the baby food and in the mother's milk. I did not get the things as a child and have stable bones and teeth are still there and healthy. for that there are also children's toothpaste :)
  • reply - 10: We also leave the tablets away (without fluorine). I tried it twice halfheartedly, as described in the leaflet, dissolved in water, but Marlene did not want to swallow that partout (so ran down her chin nicely). Then I asked my midwife, who says that the pills are quite unnecessary, from time to time sun and in Marlene's baby food is anyway vitamin D in it. And she told me homeopathic remedies that you can give instead of the tablets.

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