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Uterine? Anyone else?


Hello my love
On 07.04.14 at 9:54 am I spontaneously (but after 3 days of introduction) brought my mouse to the world. The mouse weighed 3940gr and is 55cm, so far everything was fine at birth. I got a dammschnitt which was sewn after the placenta was out. The placenta came and was thoroughly examined by the doctor and hebi. Dad was so good with the mouse on cuddly ... Then when the doctor examined me again if nothing really remained in the drama went off. I lost a lot of blood in a few seconds and all around me became very nervous, I just realized that something was running out between my legs that made me feel cold and dizzy ... The facial expressions of my husband and the doctor do not tell me anything good. Suddenly 15 people were around me ... everyone did something to me, but the emergency op did not happen, we got the bleeding so stopped. I wanted to know if someone of you has something through?

Sorry for the long story :)


  • reply - 1:

    Hello Maja,

    yes I had a similar experience. I have my son on 08.04. Released. We started in the morning, in the evening at 9.24 pm he was there. The birth was much easier than expected. He was after felt 5 press blows with a weight of 4,100 g in the world. I am overjoyed to have the dwarf lying on my stomach and to have the birth over so easily until the midwife said that the placenta does not dissolve. You and the doctor then tried everything possible, unfortunately without success.

    Then it went off in the emergency operation to the Ausschabung. Unfortunately, the uterus then did not stop bleeding, they just wanted to cut my stomach when luckily the bleeding stopped.

    Final result 4.5 liters of blood loss. I got four canned blood and four times plasma.

    Luckily I felt good afterwards that I was allowed to have my little treasure.




  • reply - 2: Oh God, I was lucky enough to have it ...
    May I ask how you / you can cope?
    My husband works voluntarily at the German Red Cross, so he can assess a lot of good but his words after that do not go out of my head "I was really afraid that you die"
    Since everything still happened on the circular bed, he stood right next to it ...
    Now through the hormones I can really only howl at the thought of this situation ...

    Are you resting?
    For me, no milk came ... As a reason, the shock state is suspected by the artony ...

    Lg maja

  • reply - 3: Hello maja ..
    I did something similar on Sunday. Our little one was born spontaneously on 13.04. I had a total of 12 hours blowing. In the Austreibungsfase the contractions became weaker and I was still short on the Wehentropf. But did not bring much and I pressed the small then almost without contractions. Below, I have only a few abrasions, the rest has remained intact. Then came the afterbirth quite quickly. As far as all goes well. Baby welcomed, afterbirth looked at, from the delivery room bed laid in the normal bed, adopted by the friend ... my mom was fortunately there because we wanted to go outpatient and only wanted to spend a few hours in kh. Then Nachwehen more and more .. have painkiller required .. get. But contractions are getting worse .. I thought I would have another child. Very bad .. then finally comes to birth .. and reacts fortunately immediately .. has pressed around on my stomach and heap wise clotted blood pressed out ... then huge cool pad on the belly and Wehentropf again full pulley on..damit himself The uterus finally contracts and stops the bleeding .. Pain was almost gone and finally, nothing has bled more .. must say I'm already fully drained the whole time. But that's normal after a birth ..well luckily everything went well again and I got bissi Wehentropf and other factually, damits me not together after the blood loss ..
    for me the worst of all the pain after birth .. where everyone is normally happy, I thought, I must strive ...
    Breastfeeding works well with me therefore not well .. But I have a great midwife and am also after a day of surveillance in the kh back home and feel much better here ... in the kh I'm almost crazy.
  • reply - 4: Hello,

    I went through the same thing with my big boys two years ago. I had three cracks (3rd degree erosion, high vaginal tear and a cervical rupture). I harried for three months with the consequences and was glad how the pain subsided. At the birth itself, I did not notice anything that I was so badly torn. Only when the doctor tried to sew the extent was seen. The result was that I was operated on for 2 hours under general anesthesia in the middle of the night.

    Now after more than two years, I notice nothing more, but I'm already my thoughts on how it will now in my coming childbirth.

    Breastfeeding I have with pumping, etc. Proud six weeks held, then my body could no longer.

    I keep my fingers crossed for you all, that you will get fit soon. I have to say you forget luckily very fast ;-).

    ET 27.04

  • reply - 5: Hello Maja, The breastfeeding works for me fortunately. Must take some homeopathy so that the milk is higher quality. I'm sorry that it does not work for you. Have you ever tried it with acupuncture ???
  • reply - 6: Schokocharlie, that's good that you cry, let that all out. I had only the baby blues here, my midwife encouraged me to live it out, so to speak, otherwise it would come later. And you have really had the most blatant birth, which I have noticed here. I am thinking of you!
  • reply - 7: @ schokocharlie I really pull the hat in front of you. That you have mastered this is insane. I also believe that crying helps and is important too.
    If I read yours like that ... then my unplanned kaiserschnitt seems to me quite different ... and that has taken me pretty emotionally away. ...
    I do not know how I would have endured your experience.
    I wish you all the best with your family and your new darling.
  • reply - 8: The crying is good, my hebi says when the tears are running, also the weekly flow :)
    I also sit here often see my husband and the little one and can start crying again .... I was also aware of what happened there eig when I googled it once ....
    The positive thing you should see is that we are now all well on and that the mice are alive and kicking: - *
  • reply - 9: You're absolutely right. That's the most important thing.
  • reply - 10: So it happened to me, as you described it, only I was also not operated on and the belly cut open to evert the uterus.
    When I was still in the delivery room and just got my daughter on the chest, I already noticed the rapid cold rise in me.
    I then lost my breath and was helped with a breath mask, while the doctor with her bare hand held inwardly by me my uterus forever, until even a doctor came to the hospital because of me to operate on me.
    I also got 4 canned blood and several plasma.
    For three days I was intensely stoned and in an artificial coma.
    When I awoke my daughter was already two days old. A sister came and immediately took my husband for the first and only time since I knew him cried.
    He was overjoyed and kissed me on the forehead then he really ran out of the room because he got a heulflash because you could not tell him how high the damage was and when I would wake up at all. On the day I was a maximum of half an hour awake. Next, I briefly saw my daughter. I was tied to the bed by a thousand tubes and closed on several machines.

    Even today I have a small scar on the neck of the breathing tube.
    It took me half a year to get enough strength to do a "walk". It was frustrating because I did not even have the strength to wrap our daughter and at home we were almost all weak.
    The senior physician told me that I was only the second one who had a uterine atony in this hospital in Hanover and that the one who died before that too.
    from now on, I would have a second birthday, they told me.and that's really it.
    since then i live a much happier life because i am grateful that i still have it.
    When I thought I was dying,
    I said to my husband, "Please take good care of our daughter." He, "What are you talking about? Do you want to become my wife?" And I said the last thing I could do: "yes!" And then my voice failed and I saw my life as a movie run. Almost all nurses cried.
    That happened on 04/08/2012 and yet I have born on 6/10/2014 a second daughter by caesarean section. I was so scared but desperately wanted two kids. Actually, always three or four but I'm lacking now but the courage. And my husband the police officer has never seen worse even though he had also experienced many things.Dzerstückelte people and worse.
    Thanks for posting your experience here that encouraged me to write it down for me.
    Greetings Jazmin

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