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My child does not sleep anymore


my son 28 months old refuses to sleep in his bed for about a week.
That was never a problem before. We put him to bed, read aloud, had a kiss and then we got out of the room and slept easily until the next morning.
Now he immediately starts shouting when we put him to bed, immediately jumps out of bed and comes out. Yesterday I lay in despair my mattress next to his bed and slept with him and that was okay.
Today I skipped the afternoon nap and we were out all day.
My son was dead tired. I made him eat, washed him, got ready and then put him to bed. Put me in the living room and there he stood again at the door.
To go to bed was unreadable from 19:00 to 23:50.
I then gave up and now he is lying in bed with my husband while I sleep in the living room.
I totally go crazy, I'm really desperate and do not understand why he does not want to go to bed now.
I still have a baby and really no strength my son is very exhausting to deal with continuously. He sucks me totally out of energy. Help :(


  • reply - 1: Could it be that he is perhaps jealous?
    The baby will surely sleep with you in the bedroom. Many children fall back into old patterns when a new baby is around.
    There are children who suddenly want to have Pampers again, even though they are already dry, because the baby is also wrapped.
    Maybe it helps to explain that he is the big brother and big brothers sleep in their own big bed. Only babies sleep with mom and dad. (Even if that is not true)

    Do you include him in everyday life with the baby? That he can help you? Cuddling comes to you when you're resting or letting him hold the bottle.
    That he realizes that he is a big brother?

  • reply - 2: Hello,
    I can not imagine that he is jealous. He loves his sister, she kisses her constantly, wipes her mouth when she spits, keeps the bottle while feeding ... The small is also so easy to care that we therefore have them not in the center so he had reason to be jealous. On the contrary, my son is getting ready in the morning, we spend a lot of time with him, he really takes us completely so that I have the little opposite often bad conscience.
    I thought about putting the little one in his room as well ... Maybe there is something drann ....
  • reply - 3: It's a big change when a sibling comes along. I think so, that it is related. He does not get that much attention from the baby anymore, you can not break up. The closeness he gets then at night.

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