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Lisa and Felix: "The birth took only 1.5 hours"


Quite normal for acupuncture came on Thursday, 23.07.2009 my
Midwife Beate over. I had been in labor all morning
Distance of 8 minutes, then again with 20 minutes distance.
Nothing right again, I thought, but asked Beate for one
CTG. After the CTG and the acupuncture, she said we would
meet in the afternoon in the KH and see if we can support the contractions,
so that the little one soon hatches.

So I called Norman at 12 o'clock and asked him to go home soon
come so we could go to the hospital and hoped that ours
Felix would make it at least until Friday so I would not be too
long to endure contractions. About an hour later it was
expectant daddy there and before we go to the hospital with all things
I still wanted to stop quickly at Kaufland to get one
Small food to buy us to drink.

13.30 clock we were then in the KH ... Everything was quite normal:
Recording CTG, completing all necessary documents and ultrasound with
an estimated weight statement of 3000 grams.

My labor came now - very suddenly - every 3-4 minutes
And so it was 15.00 clock again for a CTG in the delivery room. The
should only be a check. I've been on the whole time
Breath and so we decided that an enema for labor promotion
no longer necessary.

After the CTG I should decide if I am a painkiller
want to have what makes the next 3 to 4 more bearable or me
want to go for a walk with Norman. I wanted to run,
but Norman said I should not make it harder for me than it always was
already is and so I stayed and let me give the small syringe.

At 3:37 pm, my amniotic sac blew, while my sweetheart burst
just made a wet washcloth for the forehead and the torrent came
so violent that I just heard the comment from Beate:
the Niagara Falls are nothing against it ...

From then on, everything went very fast.

I was super calm and joked until I realized that Felix
now slipped deeper and less able to bear the pain

Then a doctor came, because the birth was imminent
and after a long begging I was finally able to begin to squeeze. I
could only scream and thought: "If now a pregnant with
When labor comes and the roaring stops, she voluntarily returns home. "Yes
it was worth it. After the doctor pushed from above, was around
16:34 clock my Felix born and so crumpled, blue and greasy as
he was thinking of me: "I still love you."

Dad's first comment was, "Lisa, he has your feet."

While I was treated further, the proud dad could now
bathing our new earthlings and after another two hours
Stay in the delivery room we came as a happy family in a room
and we were able to realize what happiness we now hold in our arms

Felix was born. On Thursday the 23.07.2009 at 16:34 clock with 2970 grams, 49cm body length and 33cm head circumference


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