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Hello my dears,
Since my son was born 7 months ago, I have a very irregular cycle. 20, 30 or even 60 days. I always bleed so tightly that it works properly when I'm sitting on the toilet and need about 15 tampons the size maga plus a day.
How was that with you and maybe someone has a tip on how I could bring the whole thing back into balance? My FA said that if it does not bleed properly now, then a scraping should be made. There is still the possibility with hormones, but if I take them to me, I can also immediately put a pack of 100 paracetamol next to it.

I would be really happy about your experiences.

LG Vanessa


  • reply - 1: So with me the period was already 6 weeks after the birth again lós. My FA did not believe me at first but that was really the case.

    Had then taken the breastfeeding pill and first no period. When the little girl was 9 months old, I switched to the normal pill again. Had the first 3 periods very strong and very bad pain and now it's just 2 days when I bleed very easily and then it was again.

    A friend of mine has let this new spiral in and thus no more period.
  • reply - 2: Moin,
    Unfortunately, I can not take the pill, because it gives me such a headache that it really is not solemn. Therefore, no hormone spiral is possible for me. I think your girlfriend got it or do you mean the Gynefix copper necklace?
    Have also been laid in July, a spiral, but now has to get out again, because it sits very deep due to the heavy bleeding. It's really desperate.
    Hope that this cycle was better now and I just have to get a new spiral and I can save the scraping

    Thank you for answering anyway,
  • reply - 3: Hm, I do not have my own experience now, but could chasteberry help you? That is to regulate the cycle.
    Has the FA made a US? Maybe there's a cyst or something like that?
    Or get a second opinion.
    Scallop does not sound great.
  • reply - 4: No, really does not sound great.
    Unfortunately, we have only two FA in the place and one has looked after me in the SS and which is good for nothing.
    US is made every time and I no fibroids, cysts etc. but "only" a superficial mucous membrane :-(
    Where do you get this chasteberry and how is it used?
    Is probably a herbal substance and can actually do no harm.

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