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Consumables - buy as needed or order in advance?


Hello my dears!


  • reply - 1: We order a lot of it from Amazon in the Sparabo. The diapers (Pampers) are cheaper than if they are on sale at Rossmann, even if I still have a coupon.
    The Sparabo is free shipping and you can change it at any time, pause or cancel (even after the first delivery). Is not a real subscription ... You will always be informed by email before a delivery goes out, so you still have time to change or cancel. Especially for still-demented mums;)

    There are also about diapers, toiletries, jars, milk powder etc almost everything you need and that also directly to your home.

  • reply - 2: that sounds interesting! I have only bought so far with rossmann, but will try with amazon times. the poor package driver ^^
  • reply - 3: Unfortunately, we have no storage room, so I go shopping once a week only for babysitting (milk, diapers, towels, wet wipes, etc) and because I do not know otherwise, I find it convenient because I always have my job with to go out the little one. So I look anyway every day to go out with him and then if I still have a task (buy baby clothes, buy food, crawling meet, etc ..) then my day feels more productive for me :-)
  • reply - 4: I do not buy so big quantities, I love to go shopping at DM & therefore like to do it once a week ... As far as Pampers is concerned, I have a lot of luck that I have a friend who works in the hospital & there Pampers at the buy-in price So, so far I have always paid for a box of 112 Pampers € 6.40, but only up to size 3, then I have to look where there are cheap Pampers.
  • reply - 5: after I fell for my stockpile with the 2 diapers so - Florian is out there so quickly outgrown that I gave my girlfriend 4 packs (she gets her 3rd child in March), I get diapers only after Requirement. Although I have wet wipes for an emergency, but I hardly use, water and washcloths are better.
    And since I'm quiet and my little caterpillar just in the evening dad gets a bottle of flascherl, I get the powder in the DM, need not so much of. But I always ordered it from Schlecker at my big house - yes, Schlecker was not there ;-)
    But if Florian will not be breastfed at some point, I will order the milk formula in stock at Amazon - inexpensive and practical. Have to admit: I order a lot on Amazon.
  • reply - 6: I'm not (yet) an Amazon fan, but I think I'll let me know! Anian needs less than a week to pack a pack so I'm always shopping!
    We buy diapers in a big pack, but would be a good solution!
  • reply - 7: So diapers I've been careful had only the Frühchenwindeln of Pampers since she has fit in for a very long time and then I switched to the1er had bought a big box of 90 diapers from Rossmann for 8.99 EUR and various Pampers packs and now When she is at home with her, I still need the leftovers because I can not afford anything of any size lying around here.

    The wet wipes I've initially needed more than now I'm in the Sparabo and got ne whole box and now I need less than expected and had to cancel the next delivery and I think the delivery that comes now I need not synonymous take , Am also gone because they had stool at the time of the savings subscription still 3-4 times a day now we are at 1 time if ever. Naturally makes itself felt in the wet wipes.

  • reply - 8: So I'm already in the diaper size 3 and have no mind that they will not fit much longer ... loud pack, the go to 9 kilo ... so you can think so because already grow nen stock ...
  • reply - 9: Hello you love
    Do not come from your club but you can see that many of you order at Amazon. I've just looked at the milk for example, the hip I would pay for the 5 pieces 13 euros more want to 5 pieces for 53 euros and dm in our house costs 1 8 euros in the other milk foods I know it is synonymous expensive.
    Or is there a discount on it when ordering?
  • reply - 10: Diapers are even in the largest package more expensive. :-)

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