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Hello I need soon a new child seat 9-18 kg which you have mammis and pappis for your darlings? With or without isofix? Was recently in a shop and have recommended the Be Safe with isofix for 509 ¬! Does man really spend so much? Thanks :-)


  • reply - 1: I would look at the used things on the internet. they are usually cheaper. got our isofix for a quarter of the original price there.
    I recommend a still facing the direction of the child seat, which are just the safest! look under
  • reply - 2: I would ask again, child seats are unfortunately expensive. There is certainly a cheaper solution.
    The seat itself, I would probably buy used, because you do not know if the seat is accident-free. And after an accident the things are worthless. The Isofixstation can certainly be bought second-hand.
    I would think, however, if I do not get a growing seat, so are models with 9-36kg.
  • reply - 3: So I definitely want a new child seat but the 9 -36 kg are worth nothing and I think so too
  • reply - 4: So we have the cybex Pallas 2 fix. I'm super satisfied - usable with and without isofix - and you do not need an extra base. And yes he is in the direction of travel. But I do not need to constantly buy a new one - it can be used for up to 12 years. He has also become test winner.
  • reply - 5: We will buy the kitty. ... cybex was nothing for our mouse and reboarder she also found shit. .... but the 9 - 1 8monate
  • reply - 6: We have the cybex Sirona for almost 2 years (for my 2.8 year old) and the 2wayPearl from Maxi Cosi for about 3 months (for my 1 year old). Both with Isofix. You could easily swap between the girls. My big daughter still has about 14 cm of space until she needs a larger seat. She will be in Nov. 3 years. I think it will take some time. We are very satisfied and my daughters know from the beginning nothing but going backwards.
  • reply - 7: The main thing Reboarder! We have the Axkid Minikid. Very cheap (360) and very long usable. Without Isofix, but that's better anyway. Let's advise you in a shop, what is best for your child and vehicle (eg Zwergperten etc.)
  • reply - 8: Well I would not just say 9-36 kg and absolutely against the direction of travel!
  • reply - 9: And the cybex is not good at all because China is coming now no matter where i read is cybex test winner so i'm totally confused. ?.
  • reply - 10: So I also got the cybex pallas 2 fix, after I've looked at several tests.
    The principle with the catcher and the test victories have convinced me.
    Sure, reboarders are already the best but unfortunately also pigs expensive. In the shop where I was the entry-level model was 450 € and then I would have to buy another one at some point.
    Unfortunately, I can not afford that.
    In principle, these seats should be standard in the age group and, accordingly, the prices should be adjusted somewhat, but unfortunately that's not the case.
    So I have now paid 280 € including isofix and I'm very satisfied as I said. My son has been driving in it for about 16 months and will be able to do so for a long time, because you can rebuild it later.
    It is quite difficult to make a decision in the huge selection. Best go to several stores let me advise you again and let your child sit and sample.
    Good luck and best regards

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