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6 months ago Child getting pregnant again


Hello, I gave birth to a beautiful son 6 months ago
But now I'm pregnant again but have a son of 2 years
How do you like that?!
What would you do?!


  • reply - 1: Uiii ... athletic. I was also directly pregnant again when my daughter was 6M old. How far are you? It's tough sometimes ... especially when the baby is born. But when they're bigger, it's really great. My girls are like twins. Now you have a kid from 2. But that's about to be done. My son was at that time already larger. I ask if it was planned like that.
  • reply - 2: I am now 15th week
    And no it was not planned
  • reply - 3: That means they are very close together.My girls separate 14M.Are you afraid of that?
  • reply - 4: What do you mean by "what would you do"? Persevere and look forward to the kids! Even though it will be strict in the beginning :-)
  • reply - 5: Yeah exactly
    Yes very big fear according to date they would be only 1 year apart
  • reply - 6: I get prejudices because then it would be my third and I only 21bin all say fully irresponsible
  • reply - 7: It's quite early with 21. But it can be done. You should try to find a day care place for your big child ... if not already done. Are you a single parent or partner?
  • reply - 8: Mine will be barely 16 months apart and I'm 25. Yeah, you look funny and yes it will not be any easier. But I think, if you still strive to educate your children properly, become a role model by profession, and do not intend to perform a lode life on the sofa, then prejudices should be very far behind! Do not think about what others think of it, but how you feel about it as a small family :)


  • reply - 9: My big one is already in the kindergarten
    No, I am with a partner but he works hard and works long hours
  • reply - 10: Okay yeah that's right I'm always stupidly watched
    No, I do not have a case before I want to do something despite children

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