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Complementary feeding / eating habits


Here you can talk about the eating habits of children.


  • reply - 1: Leonie (13 months) is early milk porridge with fruit, at noon vegetable porridge with meat (2x) or fish (1x) and in the evening bread with spread.
    What do you give for breakfast or lunch?
  • reply - 2: So Noah, he'll be 15 months, eating a slice of toast / bread / mares with sausage or marmalade in the morning. And for lunch and dinner the same as us.
    He did not like the porridge from the beginning, sweet or savory. He always wanted to eat what we had.
    And in contrast to the big one, he also eats everything.
  • reply - 3: Linus eats yogurt in the morning, cereal and fruit, but everything is well separated, otherwise it will not be touched, at the other times he usually eats the same as us.
    For some time, he is a bit wälischisch, but since he is a lot of fruit, there are then sometimes potatoes or pasta without anything, I do not cook extra, yenn that was not eaten then anyway.

    He only ate porridge at the beginning, then no longer on morgwn, I also found it was good, it was easier

  • reply - 4: Nia, 14 months, has not touched the mush for a while.
    The only thing that goes is homemade banana yogurt (just banana dabbed mixed with natural yogurt and sometimes a few oatmeal with pure) in the evening.
    in the morning she has breakfast with toast or bread with (string) sausage or (string) cheese (cut in riders) and at lunch she eats with us.
    Is there salad or similar with us? What is inappropriate, I cook her the three-paste pasta of fruit and mix them with the tomato sauce / Bolognese sauce of fruitful - that was the only thing that touched them for a while. And I am glad that it is so easy / fast to prepare.

    By the way, in the afternoon there are still fresh fruits or squashies. And to snack afterwards / in between a few millet rings or similar. ...

  • reply - 5: Anabell (16 months) likes to eat natural quark with berries (sometimes oatmeal) in the morning. Or just sandwiches.
    Lunch is available in the daycare, in the evening there is usually bread. On weekends we often cook in the evening.
    In between, there are fruits and vegetables, crispbread, sausages, crushes, rusk and just what we eat. ... yes, there are also sweets from time to time (big brother  )
  • reply - 6: My little (11months) eats since he is 9 months completely fanilientisch with. We just cook with / without a little salt and spices. So far there were absolutely zero problems. One thing he likes better than the other, but basically we have not really found something he does not like.

    We started with 4 months with porridge which he really liked only after 1-2 months with the introduction of the evening meal. A short time later, he did not want to go to his chest during the day, so he fed all his meals from one day to the next ...
    We became relatively lumpier then relatively quickly and then he was always allowed to try with us. At some point, our food was just "better" and since then he's been eating something.

    I would say he is a little caterpillar Tonight he has 1 large potato with Quark (leftover) 1/2 wrap with herb butter and some cucumber and a half a slice of bread pushed. Sometimes he eats more than me * monkey *

    he eats muesli with Greek yogurt and fruit in the morning
    or bread / toast with sausage / cheese or quetschie as spread

    at noon he gets our dinner from the day before (we usually eat warm in the evening)

    In the afternoon he eats cakes crispbread and homemade ice cream, fruit ...
    He drives off completely on this pufulettis

    In the evening there is usually a slice of bread with vegetables and some of our warm food

    We are curious if it stays that way or if it will eventually start to mumble Until then we enjoy the free choice;)

  • reply - 7: Julian (almost 10 months old) eats from the family table. Bottle goes, if I'm lucky, only in the morning, but then not the complete, because he wants his bread / bread.
  • reply - 8: Hello,
    My little one is also full of the Pufuletti Junckie is funny. LG
  • reply - 9: My little one (18 months) eats bread in the morning with butter, cheese or sausage or yogurt with oatmeal and fruit.

    At lunchtime we often eat the leftovers from the previous evening. If there are no leftovers, we will eat sandwiches with vegetables (cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, carrots) or scrambled eggs.

    In the afternoon there are often pretzels, the remnants of breakfast yoghurt or crispbread and fruit.

    In the evening we cook and he eats from the family table. He gets everything offered and then selects what he wants from it. Lasagna, spaetzle with zucchini-mushroom-sauce and gnocchi with tomato-mozzarella-sauce are good at the moment.

  • reply - 10: these parts are also addictive  
    On vacation, he was ill and he refused everything except the pufis remained sacred to him 

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