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title says it all :-)


  • reply - 1: what diapers are you taking / are you going to take ..? in the kh gabs pampers (with the strip, which turns blue in pee) ... at home I have babydream and few individual pampers .. babydream I'll never take at night, they have me in the leakage protection disappointed ...
  • reply - 2: Hi. I always took Pampers. Will do it this time too. They just convinced me. And the kids have always tolerated them. lg
  • reply - 3: I've got babylove from dM for the first time - that's not the case with you - those of lidl or aldi should not be bad either. As soon as I know, however, which cloth diaper fits the poppes of my little best I'll order a lot of it :))) hehe ... cc
  • reply - 4: We also take Stoffis, have Pampers only for doctor visits and car rides. Otherwise, the Stoffis are better, because as the children report if it is wet, with Pampers and CO, the child can make 3 times and they do not get it because of the absorbent core, so it is also better for dryness later. I'm curious how we "drive" with it.
  • reply - 5: I also bought 99% Pampers. and a little pack of rossmann.
  • reply - 6: ^ I also ... :))) I'm looking forward to bolle the first time to test ... my hebi she found yesterday also great. However, she was previously at another mummy who now already her 6th child diapers with the same diapers and thus the diapers are probably shcon rock hard. One should not use a softener because they will not suck properly. Otherwise rubber I can recommend you the all-in-ones or just panties or pocket diapers - if, for example, it is too cumbersome for your man with the folds - that's just me. You can also use it on the way and then simply into a freezing bag - there are different ones. With extra panties without etc., and now go from 3.5 kg until they are dry ... and since our soscheind are pretty beautiful möcklis fit directly into it. Although now also a newborn diaper of it but I will buy the rest only in the larger size.lg
  • reply - 7: @desi at the fair was the shop represented and the diapers because I liked it too.
  • reply - 8: what is calendula-milk for? is it like bodylotion or pops? have 2 samples of it ...
  • reply - 9: @gummi. we now have 2 of bumbgenius (the v4 and the organic - in the organic you have to do nothing except the insert sewn is the sex according to fold (front boys rear / middle in girls) - then a flip (but I'm from the not so enthusiastic) and 2 different from totsbots - I tend also strongly to those - probably 20 of those and 5 of one of the bumbgenius.single disadvantage I find in the totsbots is that it is only with klett and the bumbs are both - now klett is of course better but later if the kiddos times have a ne phase where they travel everything from the body including the diaper then no longer; o)
  • reply - 10: @Irmel: I think the lotion is rather for a body, if you massaged it of course, you can also lubricate the butt, with wonderful pop I would take wound protection / zinc ointment.

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