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Am today 10 + 0 and was just at the Substitute FA because my this week is still vacation.
Have since yesterday afternoon every now and then a light burning.
It turned out that I have minimal inflammation. This I should now treat with ointment and suppositories Biofanal.
My question is: my next, regular FA-Temin is on 17.1. Should I just wait until then or should I call my FA on Monday for the purpose of controlling inflammation?



  • reply - 1: Did not your substitute for further treatment say anything to you?
  • reply - 2: Nope. I just got the substitution certificate!
    Mmm. I think I'll just call my monday. Then I'm on the safe side!
  • reply - 3: I would also just call and ask briefly. He will then tell you if and when you need to come. Get well.

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