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Extreme nausea - work



I wanted to ask how you do it? I'm always sick and sitting in the work is an absolute agony. It also knows no one from the pregnancy so I try to show it to me .... but it is so difficult!

Do you know that too? Do you have home remedies against it?

I would be very happy about answers!


  • reply - 1: Hey Melanie, I feel the same way. I'm just lying in bed. Unfortunately I have the full program. Am now in the 8ssw. And I'm just sick and circulation often disappears. I'm about to get sick for a few days.
  • reply - 2: For me, the nausea is now fortunately over-but 2 weeks long, it was extremely bad work. Since nothing helped me except sleep, I got sick for a few days and said it was flu (the cause for the illness is not the illness).
    Stop by !! It is getting better !! :)
  • reply - 3: I am about to get sick. Food is already hard for me .... :(

    That bothers me a lot!

  • reply - 4:

    I also had it extremely hard for 3 weeks and got sick for one week .... it was not possible at all


  • reply - 5: I told my boss when it did not work anymore. There I was in the 8th week. Have agreed that she does not tell the other colleagues. Am then to the gynecologist and now only 2 weeks at home.
    Home remedies smell on a sliced ​​apple. But it does not always help.
  • reply - 6: It was really bad for me. Have 1, 5 weeks kept nothing in me even a sip of water. Was ttotal weak and have decreased in this time almost 8 kg. Luckily, my sister brought me to the kh. There I was made strong with infusions. Stayed there for a week (usually 3-4 days said the doctor). Now I'm back out for 1 week. I'm feeling better, but not well. Forcing me to drink a lot and hope the nausea will stop soon.
  • reply - 7:
    Do you know that, you have to work in the but the stomach pinches, pulls the back, you're tired and broken, but you have to go ...
  • reply - 8: Hello everybody ...
    I had that bad too.
    My gynecologist advised me to eat a lot of small portions throughout the day (had to really overcome eating, but it helped if the stomach had something to do), in the morning before getting up to eat rusks or toast and drink tea, in the evening half an hour eat a snack before going to bed, then the stomach has a little something to do. On very bad days, I have also been helped by homeopathic globs called Nux Vomica.
    I wish you a nice ball-time :)
  • reply - 9: Hey you love so it got very blatant with the nausea and vomiting :-(
    Unfortunately, I did not know what to do until the next FA appointment!
    Am now in the 10th Week, still no one knows it in my company, so my way was the pharmacy and have advised me there, so minii minii beads brkomm naturally pure vegetable harms the dwarf does not cost € 8.10 iwas told me sepia if you want to know exactly, I look for the name ...
    I am very satisfied and it helps can do my work without any other thought and much more :-))

    best regards

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